New Heights in Engineering Excellence at Center

Center’s SVP of engineering envisions an unparalleled engineering organization that aims to reshape the expense management industry.

Written by Brigid Hogan
Published on Feb. 20, 2024
New Heights in Engineering Excellence at Center
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Reaching the edges of human ability is an exhilarating goal. For some, it means stretching past what most accept as their physical limits — running an ultramarathon, swimming the English Channel or climbing an eight-thousand foot peak. A successful winter summit of K2 was only first achieved in 2021, and no climber has ever climbed the notoriously dangerous mountain’s east face.

For others, like Center’s Senior Vice President of Engineering Francisco Nolla, stretching abilities and reaching new heights takes on a more metaphoric meaning.

“Our goal is to establish a premier engineering organization that will redefine the expense management industry,” he said. “Passion, a winning attitude and attention to detail are all key to our success. Every decision matters, and our focus on these details set us apart.”



Center offers a connected corporate card, expense management and travel solution. The solution brings real-time visibility into all employee spending, streamlines expenses and gives finance teams enhanced controls and insights.


Center is growing the team it needs to continue to push toward great heights, Nolla told Built In.

“Our environment is geared toward success and new ideas are always welcome,” he said. “In our fast-paced setting, you’ll quickly develop skills and help shape both our product and the company’s direction.”

Built In heard from Nolla about the summits he has in sight for Center’s engineering team.


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What’s your vision for leading your team?

Francisco Nolla
Senior Vice President of Engineering • Center

I’m committed to guiding our team members to realize their professional aspirations while transforming the expense management space. We aim to create a workplace that ignites passion and enjoyment and believe that a passionate, inspired team can achieve great things. Our focus isn’t just on building products that deliver meaningful value to customers but also on building an outstanding company with a strong, positive culture.


Why is team culture so important for the work that Center does?

Building a successful company hinges on a strong team culture. We embody a winning attitude and focus on hiring individuals who share this mindset. Our aim is to foster an inclusive and supportive workplace, encouraging open collaboration and innovation. This environment not only nurtures our team but also paves the way for transformative work in our space, enabling us to redefine how our customers interact with traditional expense management systems.


How do you help your team members grow their careers?

At Center, we emphasize mentorship for career development, keeping teams small to foster direct interaction with managers who are also experts in the engineering field. Our engineers benefit from mentors who are actively engaged in their projects and who deeply understand the space. 


“At Center, we keep teams small to foster mentorship and direct interaction with managers who are also experts in the engineering field.”


Through paired programming sessions and collaborative architecture reviews before initiating new features, we enhance problem-solving skills and provide valuable learning experiences. This inclusive process deepens our team’s understanding of the software development process and prepares them to take on more responsibility, whether as individuals or managers.


Is the team currently working on an exciting project?

We’re working on some exciting initiatives that I can't reveal just yet. However, I can share our focus for the upcoming year: Our team has been deeply analyzing the present and future of expense management, placing high importance on listening to customer feedback to innovate on their behalf, address their needs and deliver a top-notch experience. 

Our objective for 2024 is to provide a seamless and superior experience in expense management, working towards a touchless, almost magical solution in order to allow organizations to maintain control with ease and without the burden of complex rules and configurations. Essentially, we’re continuing to reimagine the entire expense management process.

What is the employee value proposition for those thinking about joining your company?If you’re looking to reshape an industry and use your skills to make a mark, Center is a fulfilling place to be. Being part of Center at our stage of business is a unique and rewarding experience, enabling you to impact and influence a company that’s seeking to redefine the spend management landscape.



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Center.

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