In recent years, healthtech companies have contributed to novel therapies and have improved access to healthcare globally through telehealth platforms and other tech-enabled solutions. In Sydney, and throughout Australia more broadly, new medical and pharmaceutical tech advances have the potential to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent chronic illnesses, which has become an area of focus for the government in New South Wales of late. Below are some of the region's top healthtech companies contributing to the medical industry. 

Top Healthtech Companies in Sydney to Know

  • Takeda
  • ResMed
  • Dexcom
  • Medinet
  • Vantari VR


Top Healthtech Companies in Sydney

Takeda is a global pharmaceutical company developing new medicines and therapeutic treatments. The company specializes in treating diseases in fields like oncology and the digestive tract. It also has a proven track record of working hand-in-hand with regulatory agencies when developing new treatments.  

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ResMed is a healthtech company helping treat patients with sleep apnea and other respiration issues. It develops CPAP machines and ventilators that integrate with the ResMed myAir app for additional benefits like sleep data and personalized coaching tips.

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Dexcom helps patients with diabetes through the development of glucose monitoring systems. Its devices accurately track glucose levels without finger pricks by using a transmitter and a display device that comes equipped with customizable alarms as well doctor and family data-sharing capabilities. 


Medinet develops telehealth software for patients and care providers. With its software, patients can book appointments without the normal friction of trying to coordinate calendars with a providers’ office over the phone. Meanwhile, clinicians can use the platform to share test results, provide referrals or fulfill prescriptions.  

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Vantari VR provides health education through virtual reality. The platform provides immersive training for surgery while trackings and logging a user’s process to ensure lesson adhesion over time. Since launching, the company has forged partnerships with leading medical providers like Mount Sinai Hospital.

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