17 Nashville Companies Defining Healthcare Tech

These are the top healthcare companies in Nashville to know about right now.

Written by Anthony Corbo
17 Nashville Companies Defining Healthcare Tech
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Built In Staff | Aug 02, 2022

While Nashville may be revered for its dazzling nightlife and long-standing history as a mecca for country music, you may be surprised to hear that the city is also home to an emerging tech scene with lots of potential for innovation. These companies are dedicated to exorcising inefficiencies across many industries, but there is one particular industry with the potential to affect millions that has been bogged down by a lack of progress in recent years — healthcare technology.

From inefficient payment portals to difficulties in finding the proper care at the right time — a lack of available software and technology in healthcare has an impact on both patients and providers. Wasted time, improper tracking metrics and payment challenges can lead to overwhelmed staff, along with practitioners who are unable to devote their full attention to their patients' immediate needs. As a result, Nashville's tech companies took notice and have since been hard at work creating HR, payment, search and software technology to allow healthcare to deliver more peace of mind to all parties involved. 

As the Nashville tech industry continues to grow, so will its demand for exceptional, forward-thinking talent who will lead them to the next great accomplishment in healthcare. These are the top tech companies to keep an eye on for healthcare innovation emerging from Music City.

Healthcare Companies in Nashville to Know

  • Envision Healthcare
  • Change Healthcare
  • Emids
  • Healthstream
  • Bridge Connector
  • Healthcare Bluebook
  • Qualifacts
  • Clearwater Compliance
  • VirtuSense


Founded: 1987

What they do: PatientPoint develops point-of-service educational content for patients to help them make the best decisions about their own care. The company boasts 40,000 unique provider relationships across 38,000 offices. Their Tennessee office is a 20-minute drive south of downtown Nashville, near Radnor Lake State Park.


Founded: 2012

What they do: Conserving energy and resources is crucial for the healthcare workforce, and VirtuSense has centered its suite of patient technologies around this reality. Instead of reacting to patient needs, healthcare professionals can now anticipate them with a predictive alert system that delivers accurate warnings. Plus, remote visit options give doctors even quicker access to their patients.  


Founded: 2005

What they do: Change Healthcare partners with care providers and organizations to unlock systemic solutions that improve clinical, engagement and financial outcomes. End-to-end revenue cycle management, enterprise medical imaging, payment accuracy, and patient experience solutions make up a few of the ways Change Healthcare delivers cutting-edge, turnkey systems capabilities to care providers, enhancing patient satisfaction while bringing practices and enterprises into the modern age of healthcare.


Founded: 1999

What they do: Emids designs technology solutions that allow healthcare organizations and providers to break down the barriers that slow them down and head into the future with peace of mind. The company’s products and services help those in the healthcare industry with everything from full digital transformation to product engineering, application management and analytics reporting, including cloud installation, data migration and automation enablement. 

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Founded: 1990

What they do: HealthStream works across the board to deliver healthcare workforce solutions that not only enable organizations to grow, but delivers outstanding experiences to clients. Products for clinical solutions, talent solutions, billing, compliance, resuscitation, revenue cycles and more are all available from HealthStream, including "Jane," an AI-powered “mentor” that efficiently trains nurses to allow more time for patient care. 


Founded: 2005

What they do: Envision Healthcare creates practical and technological systems services that lead to streamlined access to care for all involved. For clinics, home health services providers and ambulatory surgery providers alike, Envision Healthcare empowers the industry by partnering to help navigate the constantly evolving landscape of healthcare delivery through custom payment, profitability, quality and stakeholder satisfaction capabilities.


Founded: 2017

What they do: Bridge Connector drives the healthcare industry forward by producing integrated digital solutions that simplify processes and lead to more streamlined patient experiences. The company offers EHR integrations for use by digital health vendors, actionable patient data to payers and providers, and custom solutions for additional organizations, allowing healthcare to improve alongside technology.


Founded: 2004

What they do: While proper healthcare is necessary and valuable to all people, too often receiving the proper treatment can lead to detrimental effects on financial well-being. CarePayment provides a 0% APR financing solution for patients through providers, making it simpler for those with urgent or chronic needs to get the right treatment without affecting their lifestyle or going into debt. Meanwhile, CarePayment also makes it easier for care providers to receive regular payments without the need for collections. 


Founded: 2007

What they do: Healthcare Bluebook is on a mission to increase transparency for patients when searching for the perfect healthcare solution, operating a digital platform that allows users to easily search and compare providers based on specialties and rates. The platform includes data for comparing cost and care quality by procedure, physician, or facility, with additional employer tools available to help organizations save their employees money on plans and visits.


Founded: 2010

What they do: Inova Payroll offers a platform for payroll and HR processes across entire enterprises, packed with capabilities designed to scale with any business. The company’s solutions include tools for managing payroll, time tracking, healthcare, benefits, HR outsourcing and more, powered by automation and reporting capabilities to save time while providing a clearer picture of HR than ever before.


Founded: 2013

What they do: ClarisHealth works to improve engagement, communication, and excess spending throughout the healthcare industry by providing software that integrates modern digital healthcare systems into a single platform. The Pareo platform from ClarisHealth expands third-party programs with highly transparent supplier optimization tools, including solutions for supplier optimization, auditing, fraud protection, data accessibility and more, leading to unparalleled vision and organization throughout practices and entire organizations.  


Founded: 2006

What they do: Bernard Health operates a family of brands that solve a variety of healthcare challenges for both individuals and providers. The company’s subsidiaries offer specialized software solutions for maintaining financial awareness for individuals, ensuring practice staffs have access to the benefits they need to succeed and more, including consultation services for benefits advice and financial adviser expertise.


Founded: 2005

What they do: ICA makes it easy for healthcare providers and organizations to have access to the patient data they need while ensuring that data is monitored and used in efficient, ethical ways. The company’s technologies excel at helping providers manage transition of care, pinpoint improper use of emergency facilities, identify new patients and acquire new patient data, providing unparalleled healthcare insight. 


Founded: 2000

What they do: Qualifacts is the creator of the CareLogic EHR platform, a system for healthcare providers to effortlessly record and track behavioral health data. With tools for managing scheduling, billing, analytics, performance and much more, CareLogic provides a logical solution for eliminating inaccessible data, locating missing revenue and reducing productivity constraints. 


Founded: 2010

What they do: Cyber risk is inherent to just about any organization, but in healthcare, data breaches have the potential to be catastrophic for both patients and providers. Clearwater Compliance exists to prepare practices and healthcare organizations against all online threats, helping them identify areas of exposure and providing powerful software purpose-built for managing cyber risks and maintaining HIPPA compliance. 


Founded: 2009

What they do: ReviveHealth is a full-service marketing agency dedicated to driving innovation at the intersection of healthcare delivery, finance and innovation. The agency’s capabilities include strategies and executions for branding, go-to-market, advertising, crisis, content, social media, digital and additional marketing needs, using its expertise in healthcare to grow with the demands of the industry.

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Founded: 2017

What they do: Sphere Commerce works across multiple industries to deliver innovative payment solutions that lead to full-circle success. When it comes to healthcare, Sphere Commerce offers a single platform that incorporates all payment and processing needs into a centralized location. Offering tools for accepting all payment types, the platform helps in detecting fraud, maintaining security, supporting flexible spending accounts, and integrating with other popular systems.

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