5 Green Energy Companies in Australia to Know

Australia’s green energy companies are creating new tech to lower the countries C02 emissions and expand access to renewable energy.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Mar. 04, 2024
5 Green Energy Companies in Australia to Know
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Australia has a large land mass which has been beneficial for the establishment of large green energy projects like solar and wind farms. These projects have been influential in the government adopting green policies that affect the country both domestically and internationally as the country looks to export renewable energy to other world governments. As green energy becomes more prominent, these are the Australian companies to keep an eye on. 

Top Green Energy Companies in Australia to Know

  • Brighte
  • Renesola
  • Elecsome
  • Allume Energy
  • ACEN Australia


Top Green Energy Companies in Australia 

Brighte is a one-stop shop for green energy solutions. The company tailors to homeowners and tradies, and it sells everything from full-scale solar solutions to electric stove tops and solar batteries. Brighte’s platform also features financing options and repayment calculators, making the renewable shift attainable to more people. 


Renesola develops solar panels suitable for use in residential homes, commercial buildings and solar farms. Its panels feature advanced module technology that increase energy efficiency. Renesola boasts a hefty manufacturing capacity by operating production facilities in several countries including Australia, China, India and the United States, among others. 

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Elecsome is an Australian upcycling company that repurposes used material for new products. Currently, it upcycles dead and damaged solar panels into SolarCrete, a nano-engineered concrete mix that is less resource-intensive than traditional products. With the backing of several multinational energy companies, Elecsome is working on developing new products through its upcycling process. 


Allume Energy is a Melbourne-based company enabling renters to benefit from solar energy. The company’s SolShare solution creates a power distribution system that collects solar energy from a solar panel system and allocates the generated electricity to the various units in an apartment complex. 

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​​ACEN Australia develops and operates large-scale renewable energy projects in Australia. Its projects portfolio includes solar, wind, battery and hydro facilities. When complete, these facilities can provide 8GW of power.

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