The video game industry in Europe produces billions in revenue each year, employing thousands of professionals across studios in various countries, including Ireland. These developers churn out titles for mobile and PC gaming, as well as for console systems from brands like PlayStation. The following gaming companies operating out of Ireland work to reach players worldwide.

Top Gaming Companies in Ireland

  • Playrix
  • eRepublik Labs
  • DIGIT Game Studios
  • Vela Games
  • WarDucks


Top Gaming Companies in Ireland

Playrix is a mobile video game developer originally founded in Russia and now operating out of Dublin. It works in partnership with five independently operated gaming studios and interacts with millions of players each month. Playrix games are free to download and include the Township, Fishdom and Gardenscapes titles. 

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eRepublik Labs is a game developer that makes massively multiplayer strategy games, like eRepublik The New World, its signature apocalyptic warfare game that has been played by more than 5 million players since its publication in 2007. Other titles include the historical war games War and Peace: Civil War and World At War: WW2 Strategy MMO.

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DIGIT Game Studios, part of Scopely, makes free-to-play strategy games for mobile players. Its first title, Kings of the Realm, has enjoyed consistent global popularity. Subsequent titles include Star Trek Fleet Command, which positions players inside the world of the Star Trek movie franchise. DIGIT says it approaches game development as a collaborative process and aims to create a company culture that prizes community and work-life balance. 

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Independent game development studio Vela Games makes multiplayer online cooperative games, which are played in remote teams that position groups in competition with other player teams. The studio’s first game, Evercore Heroes, is a skills-based game that pits teams of four against one another. Founded by an alum of Riot Games who worked on the popular League of Legends game, Vela Games positions itself as being “player first.”

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WarDucks is a Dublin-based gaming studio known for producing titles that can be played on Android and Apple devices, as well as virtual reality games for PlayStation consoles. Rio de Janeiro, Rollercoaster Legends, Sneaky Bears, Wizard Might and Spell Stride are some of its popular titles, which use immersive graphics to fully engage players in their worlds.

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