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The United Kingdom represents Europe’s largest fintech market. Businesses operating in the fintech space develop hardware and software solutions infused with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence to serve everyone from investment managers to everyday consumers who need to access online banking. This list includes some of the country’s top companies using technology to help us manage our money.

UK Fintech Companies to Know

  • Adyen
  • Starling Bank
  • SumUp
  • Zilch
  • FNZ
  • Rapyd


Top Fintech Companies in the UK

Adyen’s end-to-end payment platform functions as a one-stop shop for financial management, data insights and payments. Used by enterprise B2B clients like Uber and H&M to manage massive data sets, the company’s software has the distinguishing feature of running a single global payments center with a plug-and-play package. Adyen has maintained a presence in the U.K. since 2012, with a London office in the retail district. 

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Starling Bank offers a full suite of personal and commercial banking services through its mobile app. Its features include user spending insights, a bill splitting function and a Saving Spaces feature that lets users set aside money for specific goals. The company offers money transfer capabilities for more than two dozen countries, and its customers can deposit and withdraw funds at Post Office branch locations. 

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SumUp provides debit and credit card payment processing services, both digitally and at point-of-sale. Its POS systems accept all types of card payment — chip, swipe and contactless read. Depending on the size of the client business, SumUp offers either small and affordable POS systems or models with options for custom features and add-ons.


Zilch offers its users a deferred-payment service, which it subsidizes with ad revenue generated by customer purchases. Customers can choose from options like paying over six weeks with zero fees or interest, or paying the full amount of their purchase immediately and receiving 2 percent of their expenditure back in “Zilch Rewards.” Users can then redeem these rewards on future purchases. 


FNZ makes wealth management software with solutions for asset management, financial planning, workplace retirement and other functions. Rather than manage these services in the traditional high-touch model, FNZ uses “extreme automation” to minimize repetitive tasks so users can refocus their efforts on creating more value for their clients.

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Rapyd is a global payment network that facilitates the collection, holding and transfer of funds to and from almost anywhere in the world. Rapyd clients can receive funds from over 100 countries and can send them to nearly 200, with the assurance of in-house global payments and compliance experts making sure everything is above board.  

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