7 Finance Companies in Indore to Know

These finance companies range from multinational banks to fintech platforms that are modernizing the industry.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Apr. 12, 2024
7 Finance Companies in Indore to Know
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Finance is a significant industry in any major city, as banks and other financial institutions provide essential services. However, as we‘ve seen throughout India, the rise of fintech has expanded these services and financial products to benefit both residents and businesses. Here are some of the top finance companies in Indore modernizing financial services and the banking experience. 

Top Finance Companies in Indore to Know

  • HSBC
  • Paytm
  • ICICI Bank
  • Ment Tech
  • SBI
  • Zippy Financial Services
  • FidyPay


Top Finance Companies in Indore

HSBC is a global bank with a significant presence in India. The company provides traditional banking services like checking accounts and credit cards, but also offers a wide range of other financial services, including investment accounts, asset management and business banking products. 


Paytm is one of India’s largest companies, providing several financial services. The platform is most well known for its mobile payment solutions but also offers bill pay, savings products, investment platforms and microloans. Paytm is a national company and operates a vast network of regional offices and branches throughout India. 


ICICI Bank is an Indian multinational bank serving retail and corporate customers. Its main products include banking accounts, loans and investment accounts. The bank also offers other specialized products, including life and health insurance, government bonds and foreign investment accounts.  

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Ment Tech takes blockchain to the next level with its products and services. The company’s platform enables others to build crypto exchanges to buy and sell digital currencies. It also provides tools to mint new tokens, create NFTs and develop mining solutions. 


SBI, or State Bank of India, is one of the country’s largest financial service providers. Its financial products range from banking accounts to online tax preparation and digital banking. Additionally, the company has a significant multinational presence in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia.


Zippy Financial Services is a local loan provider. It services businesses and individuals with products like home loans, personal loans and industrial loans. The company also offers consulting and financial planning services. 

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FidyPay is a fintech platform that helps banks adapt to the digital age. It classifies its product as a “Banking-as-a-Service” platform as it allows banks to create online banking solutions and offer services like digital payments and paperless banking with its tech.

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