These 5 DFW Tech Companies Raised the Most Funding in May

Find out which companies raised money and how they plan on spending their new venture capital.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jun. 01, 2022
These 5 DFW Tech Companies Raised the Most Funding in May
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The DFW startup world is a diverse scene with businesses ranging from traditional software companies to innovating Web3 startups. In May, several tech companies raised new funds with DFW’s five largest funding rounds totaling a combined $38.85 million. Read on to find out how these startups plan to spend their new capital. 


#5. $3.25 million, May 17

Dallas-based STEMuli is a Web3 education startup that provides curriculum to students through the metaverse. In May, the startup closed a $3.25 million seed round to expand into larger markets such as New York, California and Illinois, among others. Apart from its educational platform, STEMuli also offers a workplace product that pairs students with mentors and helps with internships and college and scholarship applications. 


#4. $4 million, May 9

HireLogic, an HR startup powered by AI, raised a $4 million seed round last month. Its platform uses AI and machine learning to rank and screen candidates prior to the interview stage. It also provides support for guided interviews. With the new funding, HireLogic said it will continue developing AI tools and launch go-to-market strategies. 


#3. $7.5 million, May 11

OxeFit is still riding the home fitness wave started by the pandemic and recently raised $7.5 million in venture funding. The company, founded and back by several professional athletes, manufacturers an all-in-one exercise machine that uses AI to adapt to a persons strength. The machine simulates exercises such as resistance training, rowing, kayaking and swimming. The new funding will ramp up production for its direct-to-consumer product. 


#2. $10 million, May 11

Biotech startup DOSE Therapeutics raised $10 million to develop a protein-based treatment to fight a form of cancer that affects mainly children, according to Dallas Innovates. The startup was founded in 2021 and is led by Michael Bakes, a former executive director of operations at Merck — one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. 


#1. $14.1 million, May 18

Topping the list this month is VitalTech, a Plano-based healthtech startup. VitalTech provides a platform that allows healthcare workers to monitor patients by measuring vitals such as heart rates, blood pressure, glucose and weight with the help of the platform. In May, the company raised $14.1 million

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