5 Data Analytics Companies in India to Know

These companies are using data to discover business opportunities and many are implementing AI in their analytical solutions.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jan. 30, 2024
5 Data Analytics Companies in India to Know
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Data analytics is a field with a lot of potential in India with a wide range of job opportunities. Data analysts combine technical skills such as Python and SQL with analytical skills to help businesses solve challenging problems. As the field develops, these are some of the top data analytics companies in India to know.

Top Data Analytics Companies in India

  • Accenture 
  • Tiger Analytics
  • LatentView Analytics 
  • Fractal Analytics
  • SG Analytics


Data Analytics Companies in India

Accenture is a global technology company that offers data analytics services to clients. Its offerings can help clients establish data collection pipelines and conduct analyses to make informed business decisions. Accenture also combines analytics and artificial intelligence to meet help businesses meet their objectives more efficiently.

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Tiger Analytics, a global data company, provides traditional analytics and data engineering services that help companies collect and understand their data. By working closely with clients and understanding their data, Tiger Analytics can build useful AI tech for companies. The company says its methodology helps better serve customers and is more useful for employees as well.

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LatentView Analytics is a digital analytics firm that helps companies gain competitive advantages using data. According to the LatentView, its services help clients predict revenue streams, anticipate trends and optimize customer retention.

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Fractal is an AI and analytics company. It uses the Crux Intelligence AI engine to discover business intelligence insights. The engine works by analyzing proprietary data to generate business forecasts, and it also features conversational interfaces. Crux Intelligence AI learns and adapts from its user interactions to create a better user experience.

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SG Analytics, or SGA, is a data company that combines research, tech and data analytics to generate insights across industries such as fintech, healthcare and media. SGA also uses its analytics capabilities to generate financial research for buy-side and sell-side firms.

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