9 Creative & Design Agencies Helping Phoenix Stand Out From the Crowd

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Jul. 21, 2020
9 Creative & Design Agencies Helping Phoenix Stand Out From the Crowd
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A sound strategy and great media placement can take a campaign far, but to truly turn heads and capture attention, it takes rock-solid, all-original creative expertise. From traditional out-of-home and television campaigns to experiential executions, marketing efforts need to hold an audiences' attention long enough to put products at the top of their minds. By utilizing target audience insights acquired during a campaign's planning phase, creative workers like writers, designers and producers, formulate everything from the perfect color scheme to the right blend of copy that keeps the crowd engaged.

Creative and design has a role in every industry and has played a huge part in turning the brands we love into household names. These nine agencies in Phoenix have the tools required to introduce you to your next favorite brand.

Phoenix Creative & Design Agencies

  • BPGraphics
  • Fingerpaint
  • Highway 85 Creative
  • The Lavidge Company
  • OH Partners
  • Serendipit
Baerclaw Productions creative design agency Phoenix
Baerclaw Productions

Founded: 2001

Focus: Video

What they do: Baerclaw Productions is a video production company assisting small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Phoenix area fulfill a variety of needs. Everything from corporate videos and training videos to product launch videos and TV commercials fall into Baerclaw Productions’ expertise, keeping timing and budgetary considerations in mind while delivering exceptional creativity.

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BP Graphics creative design agency Phoenix
BP Graphics

Founded: 1961

Focus: Design

What they do: BPGraphics excels in bringing big concepts to life, specializing in graphic design services for outdoor and large-scale mediums. Out-of-home ads, including bulletins, train/bus wraps and wall murals, is a specialty of the agency, while graphics for venues, events, retail spaces and other custom campaign applications are available as well. 


The Construction Zone creative design agency Phoenix
The Construction Zone

Focus: Video

What they do: The Construction Zone works with individuals and organizations to plan the strongest events possible and provide them with creative video services that capture and highlight all of the excitement. Alongside live event stage, audio and video production, The Construction Zone offers website design, TV commercial, documentary and corporate video services.


D-MAK Productions creative design agency Phoenix
D-MAK Productions

Founded: 2011

Focus: Video

What they do: D-Mak Productions treats each of its clients as creative partners when taking on film and video projects, co-creating the perfect strategy to build solutions that fulfill their exact needs. The agency’s full line of services include video production, post-production, video editing, 3D animation, aerial video, motion graphics and photography, making D-Mak fully capable of bringing videos for any medium to life. 


Fingerpaint creative design agency Phoenix

Founded: 2008

Focus: Full-service

What they do: Fingerpaint works with healthcare organizations to create outside-the-box solutions that highlight what makes them crucial to a crowded industry. Creative, marketing and PR solutions are available from the agency to pinpoint solutions to unique brand challenges, which Fingerpaint has demonstrated in campaigns for clients like Pfizer, Alimera Sciences and GE.


Highway 85 Creative creative design agency Phoenix
Highway 85 Creative

Founded: 2005

Focus: Design

What they do: Highway 85 Creative’s goal is to enhance human experiences through creative executions, offering graphic design, commercial interior design, event design and trade show design services that combine company and local culture. Wide-format printing capabilities from the agency allows Highway 85 Creative to produce fleet wraps and large-scale exterior and interior graphics, bringing unmissable attention to companies across industries.


The Lavidge Company creative design agency Phoenix
The Lavidge Company

Founded: 1982

Focus: Full-service

What they do: The Lavidge Company utilizes its highly-skilled, multi-disciplinary team to discover solutions to brand challenges that allow for stronger growth and an improved ROI. Creative services from the agency include brand development, campaign development and ideation, following through on ideas with social content, video production and more. 


OH Partners creative design agency Phoenix
OH Partners

Founded: 2008

Focus: Full-service

What they do: OH Partners works with international brands like Virgin Hotels, iHeart Radio and Dole to produce transformative campaigns that leave impacts on both companies and consumers. Traditional creative services, like copywriting, graphic design and branding, are available from the agency and reinforced by sound strategic and media capabilities — leading highly-effective campaign executions.

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Serendipit Consulting creative design agency Phoenix
Serendipit Consulting

Founded: 2008

Focus: Branding

What they do: Serendipit Consulting utilizes a strong selection of marketing and advertising solutions to bring brands to life, starting by building an exceptional strategy and applying digital, design and inbound marketing techniques to reach exceptional results. Logo development and packaging/display design is treated with care and deliberation to ensure brands can introduce themselves to consumers in the most effective way possible and grow for years to come.

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