10 Creative Agencies Bringing Brands to Life in Minneapolis

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Dec. 22, 2020
10 Creative Agencies Bringing Brands to Life in Minneapolis
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Building a brand with a desire to disrupt entire industries requires the entire business to be in lock-step. That includes all marketing communications — especially when it comes to creative execution.

Marketing and advertising campaigns are unique to each brand, but always incorporate elements of media, strategy and creativity working in tandem to put the right messaging in front of the right audience. While appearing on the right channel may be half of the battle, the only way a message will be able to stick with a user for more than a few seconds is by ensuring the creative messaging is relatable, unique and feels authentic. It can seem like an impossible challenge to many brands, but when done right, proper creative messaging can be the difference between growth and stagnation.

Often, the most effective method of producing impactful creative work is by collaborating with an agency that can interpret a brand’s message and make it that resonate with audiences. These ten agencies in Minneapolis are helping brands turn consumers into customers right now.


  • Periscope Agency
  • PD Instore
  • McCann Minneapolis
  • SixSpeed
  • PMH
  • Fast Horse
  • Clarity Coverdale Fury
SixSpeed creative agencies Minneapolis

Founded: 2009

What they do: SixSpeed’s integrated brand services allow companies to create captivating content that perfectly represents their products and connects with audiences. Utilizing its expertise in branding and experiential design, the agency features identity, design, campaign, connection, strategy, UX, live experience, content and digital capabilities. 

Clients include: Caribou Coffee, Michelin, Polaris, Footjoy and Red Bull.


Periscope Agency creative agencies Minneapolis
Periscope Agency

Founded: 1994

What they do: Periscope Agency is an independent creative agency that works with companies across a range of industries to form advertising agencies that capture attention in brand new ways. Combining strategy, media and analytics capabilities with advertising, design, packaging and experiential marketing expertise allows Periscope to offer clients a unique blend of quality services, with integrated production, studio and PMO capabilities available as well.

Clients include: Target, Google, Walgreens, Petco and Publix.


PD Instore creative agencies Minneapolis
PD Instore

Founded: 1938

What they do: PD Instore is a team of creative experts helping design, create and bring into reality huge brand ideas while remaining on time and budget. The agency specializes in logistics, technology, print, building and R&D prototyping. Their team is made up of skilled architectural, industrial, graphic and 3D designers equipped to conceptualize and solve brand challenges in the most innovative ways possible.

Clients include: Target, LEGO, Google, Tesla and Indian Motorcycle.


McCann Minneapolis creative agencies Minneapolis
McCann Minneapolis

Founded: 1933

What they do: McCann Minneapolis is part of the global McCann Worldgroup agency, leveraging a vast network with local expertise to transform brands and businesses. Along with marketing, retail activation, investment and analytic capabilities, the agency also offers brand building and digital capabilities to allow brands to think both creatively and productively.

Clients include: Johnsonville, General Mills, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and MGM Resorts.


PMH creative agencies Minneapolis

Founded: 1989

What they do: PMH works with the world’s most beloved retailers to produce creative solutions that make products pop. The agency produces campaigns across channels and works within whatever visual medium will fit the bill for the product, helping gather attention through glamorous collaborations and thorough execution.

Clients include: Target, Kohl’s, Sephora, Athleta and Vera Wang.

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Fast Horse creative agencies Minneapolis
Fast Horse

Founded: 2001

What they do: Fast Horse is an integrated creative agency that takes advantage of its small size to turn niche ideas into real executions on large scales. The agency’s services include strategy, creative, design, production and experiential/interactive execution, with notable campaigns including the “Seis-Foot Cooler” for Dos Equis and Coca-Cola’s Diet Coke relaunch.

Clients include: General Mills, Heineken, Duncan Donuts, Audi and Coca-Cola.


Clarity Coverdale Fury creative agencies Minneapolis
Clarity Coverdale Fury

Founded: 1979

What they do: Clarity Coverdale Fury collaborates with brands to build authentic connections at the moments they matter, forming passionate relationships between brands and consumers. The agency works seamlessly through the strategy, creative, media, analytics and production processes of every campaign, taking time to identify the consumer’s needs and role at every step along the way.

Clients include: Trimble, UnitedHealthcare, Wings Financial, MNSure and Red Gold Tomatoes. 


5IVE creative agencies Minneapolis

Founded: 2011

What they do: 5IVE is dedicated to pursuing complex ideas and forming simple solutions, specializing in developing brands to ensure they are grabbing audience attention. The company takes time to ensure it understands its client’s history and their growth expectations into the future, remaining grounded in ensuring messaging reaches the right audiences. 

Clients include: Blue Cross, Ultra Machining Company, Georgetown Law Center, 11 Wells Spirits and The Minneapolis Foundation.


Eight Moon creative agencies Minneapolis
Eight Moon

Founded: 1994

What they do: Eight Moon’s goal is to illuminate the value of its clients’ businesses and brands, offering a full range of marketing services while keeping creativity and design at its core. From traditional creative agency services like design, branding and strategy to full-service capabilities like digital marketing and advertising, Eight Moon collaborates with clients to ensure their challenges are faced head on. 


Antonelli Advertising creative agencies Minneapolis
Antonelli Advertising

Founded: 1998

What they do: Antonelli Advertising is a creative agency with a strong media pedigree that works with clients to help discover the root cause of their issues and develop impactful solutions with widespread appeal. The team is capable of taking on tasks at every stage, from account management and budget development to full creative execution, ensuring success that resonates across the entire business.

Clients include: Buffalo Wild Wings, Carmex and Center for Diagnostic Imaging.

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