22 Biotech Companies in Hyderabad to Know

Telangana’s capital city is a life-science hub in the making. 

Written by Brooke Becher
22 Biotech Companies in Hyderabad to Know
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Margo Steines | Jun 10, 2024

Biotechnology, or simply “biotech,” is gaining traction in high-tech areas like Hyderabad. The city is home to life science business districts Genome Valley, Medtech Park and Pharma City, as well as the following biotech companies and startups.

Top Biotech Companies in Hyderabad

  • Dr. Reddy’s
  • Eurofins
  • Clonz Biotech
  • BioGenex
  • LifeCell
  • Indian Institute of Immunologics
  • Sanzyme
  • Clearsynth
  • Cryoviva
  • Novartis


Top Biotech Companies in Hyderabad 

Schr​​ödinger makes predictive software, molecular simulations and computational tools used by molecular sciences researchers working on drug discovery. It aims to facilitate expanded and more efficient research, leading to discoveries in therapeutics and other pharmaceutical products. The company’s Indian offices are in Bangalore and Hyderabad. 


Endpoint Clinical makes tech products for the life sciences industry, using interactive response technology. IRT manages protocol design, supply chain, compliance and other mission-critical logistics for clinical trials. When biotech products like drugs and medical devices are being trialed, Endpoint manages patient randomization and clinical supplies to keep the science moving smoothly. The company’s Hyderabad outpost serves as a base for technical roles. 


Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is a multinational pharmaceutical company that delivers active pharmaceutical ingredients, generics, branded generics, biosimilars and over-the-counter drugs to more than half a billion patients worldwide. Founded in 1984, it specializes in gastro-enterology, cardiovascular, diabetology, oncology, pain management and dermatology.


IQVIA is a healthtech company that combines biopharmaceutical development, professional consulting and outsourcing services under one roof. The company primarily supports clinical trials and lab and analytical services to the life sciences industry in more than 100 countries.


Eurofins is a biotech company that provides product testing with an international network of 900 laboratories across more than 60 countries. Its services support the pharmaceutical, food, environmental, agri-tech and consumer industries as well as governments. With over 200,000 validated analytical methods in its portfolio, Eurofins tests biological substances for safety, purity, composition and authenticity.


Syngene is a biotech organization that offers integrated discovery, development and manufacturing services to pharmaceutical, biotech, animal healthcare, consumer goods and agri-tech companies. Its Hyderabad campus is located in a government-sponsored biotech zone, where it’s primarily used for drug discovery and research operations.


Clonz Biotech is a biotech startup developing antibodies to treat diseases, namely lymphoma, leukemia, psoriasis, osteoporosis and certain cancers. These lab-made proteins, called biosimilar therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, are known for their ability to target diseased molecules with minimal damage to healthy cells and reduced side effects compared to traditional methods.

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Krebs is a manufacturer of biotech processes — namely chemical synthesis, fermentation and enzymatic technologies — for application in medicine, agriculture and industry. The company produces active pharmaceutical ingredients for their own, globally marketed product line and in bulk for multinational companies.


Indian Immunologicals manufactures veterinary and human vaccines to more than 150 countries. With more than 150 products and one of the world’s largest animal vaccine plants, the company has distributed billions of doses of treatments, most notably within the pediatric and rabies vaccine segments. 


BioGenex is a biotech company creating molecular pathology systems for diagnosis, prognosis and precision medicine of cancerous tumors. This company partners with universities, hospitals as well as pharmaceutical and biotech companies to provide cost-effective solutions for life sciences research and personalized medicine.


LifeCell is a biotech company developing one of India’s largest stem cell and tissue storage banks. Combining modern cellular science with traditional Ayurvedic practices, it provides services, including genetic screening tests and access to its stem cell registry, as well as a line of personal care products, like sperm collection kits, female fertility hormone tests and placental-based dressings for wound care. 


Piramal is a multinational biotech conglomerate with operations in healthcare, life sciences, drug discovery as well as financial services and real estate. The company’s biotech sector is known for its development of preventative care in joint and tissue regenerative therapies, and is a global distributor of antibody drug conjugates used in targeted cancer treatment.

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Biological E. Limited is a pharmaceutical and biologics company that develops, manufactures and supplies branded formulations, specialty generic injectables, vaccines and therapeutics. Founded in 1953 as a liver extracts and anticoagulants manufacturer, the biotech company began producing vaccines in an effort to prevent diseases before they begin. During the pandemic, Biological E. Limited produced the first locally developed Covid-19 vaccine in India.


Bharat Biotech is a biotech company that makes vaccines and bio-therapeutics to treat region-specific diseases. With more than two hundred patents and 100 clinical trials completed, its research, development and manufacturing teams have delivered over 9 billion doses of medicine to over 125 countries. 


Mapmygenome is a biotech startup that provides at-home DNA and diagnostic genomic tests for a personalized health and wellness experience. Its products offer comprehensive insights, investigating a user’s general health, fitness, digestion, skincare, ancestry and disease prevention metrics with the aid of sample collection kits.


Shriram Bioseed Genetics is an agri-tech company that produces hybrid seeds, transgenic seeds and genetically modified crops from more than 8,000 germplasm variations. Its goal is to supply high-yielding solutions to countries across pan-Asia with similar climatic conditions, such as Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia.


Sanzyme is a biotech company specializing in fermentation technology, delivering spore-forming, process-stable probiotic strains and fermentation-derived ingredients to humans, pets and farm animals.With a presence in over 40 countries, its products can be found in pharmaceutical, food, supplement, aquaculture and other animal health applications.

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JK Agri Genetics is an agri-tech company that produces hybrid seeds with superior yield potential and tolerance to drought, pests and diseases. Founded in 1847, the company has accrued a global presence with over 10,000 distributors, and works with different crops like rice, cotton, maize and assorted vegetables.


Clearsynth is a biotech company that uses organic chemistry and synthesis methods to create stable isotopes, metabolites, impurities, glucuronides and chiral compounds. Its catalog contains over 15,000 stable isotopes and 350,000 high-purity reference standards.


Cryoviva is a multinational biotech company that provides umbilical cord blood stem cell banking. Aside from cell processing, its services include cryopreservation, customized therapy solutions, bone marrow processing, cell differentiation and cell culture expansion. 


Shivashakti Bio Technologies is an agri-tech company that develops genetically modified teak plantations to produce biologicals for soil enhancement and crop nutrition. Its product portfolio includes plant growth promoters — including plant propagation, extracts and seed germination — as well as organic manure and micronutrient-infused fertilizers.


Headquartered in Switzerland, Novartis is a multinational pharmaceutical company developing medicine with data science and five different biotherapeutic platforms. Its research and development department focuses on difficult-to-treat diseases, spanning cardiovascular, renal, metabolism, immunology, neuroscience and oncology, among many others. Novartis treatments reach 800 million patients worldwide.

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