Information Innovation: 14 Companies Harnessing the Combined Power of Big Data and Cloud Computing

Check out 14 companies harnessing the enormous power of big data and cloud computing to get more out of their data.

Written by Sam Daley
Published on Feb. 18, 2019
Information Innovation: 14 Companies Harnessing the Combined Power of Big Data and Cloud Computing

If “data is the new oil,” cloud computing is the digital derrick and terabyte tanker that collects, stores and disperses valuable big data information across the globe.

The agility and flexibility of a cloud computing environment lets big data companies manage almost-unfathomable amounts of raw data in real time. Accessibility and scalability to fit specific usage and storage demands are attractive benefits, too.

Consequently, the popularity of hybrid clouds is rising rapidly. Data stored on hybrids can be transferred between on-premises (private) clouds and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (public clouds) depending on the sensitivity and volume of information.

Cloud Data Management Companies

The cloud is helping companies to better capture, store and manage vast amounts of data. With cloud-based data management, companies have instant access to information, flexibility in storage solutions and easier avenues to manipulate and form solutions from raw data.

Netflix, Airbnb and Uber — some of the largest consumer data collectors in the world — all use a form of hybrid cloud computing to harness their data, connect trillions of points and produce new solutions.

We’ve assembled a list of big data cloud computing companies that are helping propel a $100 billion-plus industry.



Location: Chicago, Illinois

SPINS uses cloud-based solutions to help the health-and-wellness food industry gain insights into its big data. Retailers and brands can learn about how well their marketing campaigns are performing, how store management efforts are working and even which products are most popular. CPG intelligence platform Destini, part of SPINS, announced a partnership with interactive vending machine company Vengo through which CPG brands can target customers using Vengo’s interactive vending machines.


Igneous Systems

Location: Seattle, Washington

Igneous offers unstructured Data-Management-as-a-Service for data visibility, protection and mobility. The Igneous platform allows for the scaling of hybrid cloud-stored data and even features cybersecurity protocols that include data backup and archival. Igneous partnered with PAIGE (a new company focused on harnessing medical data in pathology and oncology through AI) to protect and manage the company’s massive medical database. With Igneous, PAIGE can effectively manage its 8 petabytes of data.



Location: Bellevue, Washington

Blueprint Technologies employs data tools that help digitize everything from customer experience to a business's data science and analytics. Its Conduit platform helps connect databases to the cloud for a safer, faster and more agile look into a company's raw data.      


Analytics Pros

Location: Seattle, Washington

Analytics Pros helps businesses process data to optimize digital experiences. The company offers a variety of services for cloud, software and big data companies, including analytical audits, strategic consulting and digital tool implementation. Analytics Pros have helped global brands like SAP, Starbucks and Yelp to optimize their digital experiences. The company also announced a merger with Google Partner Adswerve that will help users break down the silos between technology in media and analytics.



Location: New York, New York

MongoDB is a database ecosystem that lets businesses fully deploy managed cloud platforms in minutes. The company offers a wide variety of products to manage big data, including serverless platforms, cloud migration and data visualization charts. Coinbase, Cisco, Facebook, Google, KPMG and the City of Chicago all use MongoDB’s cloud-based data tools to manage and interpret their big data pools.  



Location: Santa Monica, California

DataHero is a cloud-based business intelligence software platform that integrates data dashboards and visualization tools within a businesses’ current processes. The company helps to funnel a businesses’ big data from different departments into one platform that tracks KPIs and gives deeper insights into product performance. DataHero creates data visualization tools for hundreds of softwares and services, including Mailchimp, Excel, Pardot, ActiveCampaign and ZenDesk.



Location: Denver, Colorado

Vendavo offers cloud tools to help enterprises manage and optimize their data. The Vendavo platform harnesses big data to help retailers intelligently price their products for maximum profitability and sales teams can produce competitively-priced proposals. Vendavo’s platform has helped its users earn over $2.5 billion annually. Some of the company’s most well-known customers include Office Depot, Dow Chemical, Siemens and Dell.



Location: Chicago, Illinois

Earlybird builds cloud-based data solutions for businesses in the automotive, aviation, education and public sectors. The consulting firm has partnered with many higher education institutions and used their data to find the right specialists, target strategic alumni in the private sector and collect and analyze data on school initiatives. With the help of cloud-based big data technologies, Earlybird partners with research institutions to help them commercialize their findings, inventions and products.



Location: New York, New York

Collibra automates big data management with tools that include cloud migration. The company’s partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) lets businesses seamlessly adopt cloud data management tools without interrupting the end-user experience. The Collibra cloud collects and secures business data from most sources, including websites, mobile apps and IoT devices.     



Location: Palo Alto, California

Cloudera delivers machine learning and analytics platforms for the cloud. Cloudera offers a number of tools to help enterprises manage their data, including data warehouses that funnel information from all points of a business (structured data, machine logs, IoT, text, etc.) into one platform. Additionally, the company offers hybrid options to keep a business's data management flexible. Thomson Reuters, Komatsu, Mastercard and NYSE are just a few of the global brands using Cloudera to holistically manage their cloud-based data.


Treasure Data

Location: Mountain View, California

Treasure Data is a fully-managed, end-to-end cloud service for big data companies. The Customer Data Platform (CDP) helps marketers understand consumer behavior by compiling data across devices, locations and times and housing this data under one roof. By compiling data on the cloud, businesses can use the information to craft real-time individualized offers that drive customer engagement. Treasure Data has gathered and interpreted customer big data for global brands like LG, Wish, Canon and Mattel.


ThirdEye Data

Location: Santa Clara, California

ThirdEye Data provides cloud-based machine learning and artificial intelligence tools for big data management. Its cloud managed services ensure fully-hosted end-to-end solutions on the Microsoft Azure,  IBM Bluemix and Google Cloud platforms. By remaining data agnostic, ThirdEye can offer users flexibility in big data processing and storage. ThirdEye Data’s mixture of AI, deep learning and machine learning allows businesses to easily sift through massive pools of cloud-based data to make connections and learn more about their business practices.



Location: San Francisco, California

Algolia’s hosted search API lets developers build reliable search engines for efficient customer experiences. The cloud computing software tracks customer search habits and uses big data to deliver the right content at the right time. The cloud solutions help marketers, media companies and e-commerce companies use their consumer data to create effective online experiences for each customer. Algolia is used by well-known brands like Lacoste, Stripe and Twitch to tailor customer experiences and collect better-quality consumer data.


MapR Technologies

Location: Santa Clara, California

MapR deploys enterprise-grade, cloud-based technologies to help companies manage their dataware (data managed as a first-class enterprise resource free from any other dependencies). The MapR Data Platform facilitates the movement of data to one or more clouds for disaster recovery and a more nimble data management process.
Audi, Cisco, HP, Novartis and the Untited States Government all use MapR to manage and protect their big data lakes.

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