Virtual Maternity Care Startup Babyscripts Adds $7.5M to Series B Funding Round

This latest raise brings the company's Series B round to $19.5 million.

Written by Charli Renken
Published on Dec. 02, 2021
Virtual Maternity Care Startup Babyscripts Adds $7.5M to Series B Funding Round
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Prenatal and postpartum care was further complicated when the Covid-19 pandemic made in-person OBGYN visits almost impossible since pregnancy makes mothers more vulnerable to such viruses. As a result, virtual tools for maternity care have advanced in the past year, making it easier for mothers to work with their healthcare providers from almost anywhere.

One virtual maternity startup has been working on revolutionizing childbirth technology since before the pandemic — seven years prior to be exact. Babyscripts is a virtual maternity care platform that offers end-to-end support for expectant and postpartum mothers as well as their healthcare providers. 

To continue its mission of reducing maternal mortality and improving access to care for mothers, Babyscripts added an additional $7.5 million to its Series B funding round on Tuesday. The company previously raised $12 million toward the Series B round in September. Now, big-name healthcare companies like Cigna Ventures, Texas Medical Center Venture Fund, CU Healthcare Innovation Fund, Memorial Innovation Fund and Atlantic Health System have invested in Babyscripts. 

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“This funding is a confirmation of the need for better solutions in the maternal healthcare space, and validation that our strategic approach to delivering better and more accessible care through technology is working,” Juan Pablo Segura, president and co-founder of Babyscripts, said in a statement. “We envision a comprehensive solution that will automate and streamline the care delivery process in the near future, that will make it possible to identify patient risk and deliver risk-specific solutions to users all based on data without the need for administrative input. Our experience in the space coupled with this new round of funding is going to help us usher in this next generation of obstetrics.”

Babyscripts provides support to patients, providers and insurance companies to manage prenatal and postpartum care via risk-based care modules, remote monitoring and customized content. From conception to one year postpartum, Babyscripts helps increase patient engagement and improve outcomes. 

The company has four main products that remotely monitor and report data from expectant and postpartum mothers to healthcare providers. These products include myJourney, myBloodPressure, and myMentalHealth apps as well as Babyscript’s Maternal Population Health product. Each provides key insight into patient well-being and helps bridge the access to care for the more than 200,000 pregnancies Babyscripts manages.

Babyscripts plans to use the funding to accelerate its national expansion and the development of new models geared towards insurance providers.

Babyscripts has raised $37 million since launching and is currently hiring.

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