5 Automation Companies in Pune

These automation companies are improving manufacturing efficiency around the globe.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jan. 17, 2024
5 Automation Companies in Pune
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Pune is one of India’s largest cities and home to numerous automation companies that support the city’s industrial might. These companies develop everything from IoT sensors to improve efficiency to autonomous manufacturing production systems. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the top automation companies in Pune to watch.

Automation Companies in Pune to Know

  • Rockwell Automation
  • Cotmac Electronics 
  • Siemens
  • Turck India
  • Agiliad Technologies


5 Top Automation Companies in Pune

Rockwell is an industrial automation company with a presence in Pune. The company takes a methodical approach to understanding businesses and finding opportunities for productivity. It’s worked with clients in the aerospace, chemical and entertainment industries. Some of Rockwell’s products include industrial computers, input/output modules and lighting controls. 

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Cotmac Electronics is an industrial automation company with a long track record of working with companies in automotive and textile industries. Some of its solutions include factory automation and electrical control systems. 

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Siemens is a tech company with a heavy focus on industry and efficiency. The company is known globally and has had a presence in India since 1867, according to Siemens. Some of its industrial solutions include automation management software and wireless network connectivity.

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Turck India manufactures and supplies automation technologies like sensors, human-machine interfaces, or HMI, and RFID systems. Clients use Turck’s automation solutions in a number of industries to automate tasks and improve productivity. 

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Agiliad is an engineering and services company based in Pune. Since launching, the company has helped industrial clients by developing automation solutions ranging from IoT platforms to industrial cybersecurity systems.  

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