Singapore has proven to be a small but mighty force in the aerospace industry. The 275-square-mile island contributes 10 percent of all global output in maintenance, repair and overhaul, and hosts more than 130 aerospace firms and 21,000 field professionals.

For the past two decades, the city-state has consistently generated at least $8 billion every year at a compounded annual growth rate of 8.6 percent. The following Singapore-based companies play their part in defining aerospace as a key economic driver for the region.

Top Aerospace Companies in Singapore

  • RTX Corporation
  • Airbus
  • Singapore Technologies Engineering
  • Rolls-Royce
  • SIA Engineering Company

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5 Top Aerospace Companies in Singapore

RTX, formerly Raytheon Technologies, is a $68.5 billion-in-revenue aerospace and defense conglomerate and manufactures everything from aircraft engines and guided missiles to satellites and drones. The Virginia-based company, which is heavily funded by the U.S. government, supports 11 million air travel passengers as well as 90 percent of all Department of Defense and commercial space launches with its tech. About 4,000 employees of its 182,000 global workforce are based in Singapore.

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Airbus is the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer and delivered 661 commercial planes to 84 customers in 2022. The €58.76 billion company, which employs about 134,000 employees worldwide, recently retired its 500-passenger A380 model, the largest and heaviest passenger aircraft in the world, and moves forward with a new line of sleeker, hydrogen-powered planes designed to produce zero emissions that are set for launch by 2035.

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Singapore Technologies Engineering, or simply ST Engineering, is a technology, defense and engineering group focusing on aerospace, land systems, electronics and marine tech. It’s acquired more than 100 subsidiaries and associate companies across 24 countries. Of its 25,000-person workforce, about 8,000 employees are dedicated to the aerospace segment. It is widely regarded as the world’s largest airframe maintenance, repair and overhaul solution provider for its ability to service up to 45 widebody, 26 narrowbody and 24 general-sized aircrafts at any one time.

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Aside from its line of luxury automobiles, Rolls-Royce is the second-largest jet engine manufacturer in the world. The company’s Singapore branch, which employs 2,3000 aerospace professionals and operates from its main 65,000-square-meter campus site, is responsible for 15 percent of the country’s entire aerospace output. Rolls-Royce has begun testing on a 140-inch-wide geared turbofan in the making of more efficient propulsion systems. 

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SIA Engineering Company specializes in aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services to international airlines visiting the Asia-Pacific region. Its base spans six hangars located in Singapore and three in the Philippines. Founded in 1992, the $796 million-in-revenue company has since acquired a client base of more than 80 international carriers and aerospace equipment manufacturers, 4,000 employees and work certifications from more than 50 different aviation authorities.

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