Montreal is the third-largest aerospace hub in the world. The city’s contribution alone accounts for three quarters of the country’s aerospace research and development, which, as a whole, amounts to more than $20 billion of Canada’s GDP and over 200,000 jobs. As the sector continues to rebound from pandemic-related setbacks, it’s projected for growth — thanks to the following Montreal-based companies.

Top Aerospace Companies in Montreal

  • Bombardier
  • AAA Canada
  • DART Aerospace
  • Aéro Montréal
  • Jet Support Services
  • Techniprodec

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6 Top Aerospace Companies in Montreal

Bombardier is a business jet manufacturer that delivers luxury-grade private jets and related services to its clientele of multinational corporations, charter operations, governments and individual customers. From pre-purchase inspections to routine maintenance and spare parts, Bombardier supports its fleet of 5,000 in-service aircraft. 

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AAA Canada is an on- and off-site manufacturer that provides subcontracting and technical assistance to the aerospace, transportation and defense sectors. More specifically, its 500-member team specializes in industrial engineering, production and maintenance processes. Launched in 2008, AAA Canada keeps its outsourced technicians at the top of their field through a continuous, in-house training program.

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DART Aerospace is an aerospace company that designs and manufactures mission-critical equipment for helicopters and commercial airliners. Its portfolio includes aerial firefighting, emergency flotation and environmental control systems as well as landing gear and cargo expansion tools. The company delivers more than 27,000 parts per year to more than 120 countries.

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Aéro Montréal is a strategic consultation think tank that works with leaders in the space to improve the aerospace sector. Through different initiatives, the non-profit organization offers training, financial support and network access to programs about supply chain integration, eco-responsibility, cybersecurity and inclusivity.

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Jet Support Services is an aircraft maintenance support and financing company that offers hourly cost services to repair engines, APUs and airframes. With recent acquisitions, it has since expanded to provide consulting and a suite of cloud-based, digital SaaS solutions, including maintenance tracking and data analytics software, to owners and operators of more than 6,000 aircrafts.

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Techniprodec is a manufacturer that sells machined parts and assemblies to its clients in the aerospace and defense industries. It specializes in complex assemblies, aerostructures, landing gear, and castings and forgings. Since 1975, the company has provided mechanical components to global customers, including Airbus and Mitsubishi.

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