Info Plus Instinct: 15 Advertising Agencies in Phoenix to Know

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Jun. 01, 2020
Info Plus Instinct: 15 Advertising Agencies in Phoenix to Know
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Advertising: it’s one of the single best ways for brands to make sure their names are known and their products are purchased. Somewhere in between a science and an art, success in the advertising industry requires melding both an attention to detail as well as a strong intuition and, oftentimes, sheer luck. Fortunately for advertisers everywhere, technology has evolved to be able to make the data side of things vastly easier. While mainstays of advertising such as billboards and mailed promotional materials aren’t at any risk of being underused, the expanding digital market has given techies the impetus to come up with software and cloud based tools to help brands spread their messaging as far as possible. From email marketing campaigns and creative content to pay-per-click adverts, companies now have the ability to harness every digital asset at their disposal to meet the needs of not only local customers, but worldwide fans.

In Phoenix, one of the tech capitals of the southwest, there’s no shortage of companies that use both digital and real-world advertising techniques to enhance their brand and retain their fanbase. Take a dive into how these 15 advertising agencies in Phoenix are helping them do just that. 

Advertising Agencies In Phoenix To Know

  • Integrate
  • OH Partners
  • Gate6
  • iAcquire
  • Freestar
  • BizIQ
  • Investis Digital
Integrate Advertising Agencies Phoenix

Founded: 2010

Focus: Integrate offers a cloud-based advertising platform with which companies can hone their marketing strategies, providing the ability to integrate data and media with their preexisting sales platforms. Their software helps B2B companies centralize their marketing channels in order to build and pursue comprehensive, strong branding strategies that drive revenue. Their services have been integrated into the marketing strategies of companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, Dell and Adobe.


Investis Digital Advertising Agencies Phoenix
Investis Digital

Founded: 2000

Focus: Investis Digital works with companies like ASOS, Rolls-Royce, and Groupon to build cutting edge communications and advertising solutions designed to bolster market performance and brand identities. Their team of marketing professionals can help develop strategies that amplify brand messaging across all available channels, and they have worked with top brands on a range of campaigns across paid media, webcasting, email and other channels.


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OH Partners Advertising Agencies Phoenix
OH Partners

Founded: 2008

Focus: OH Partners is an agency whose team offers a broad range of advertising services spanning branding, market research, media buying, social media, PR and more. The national agency has worked on campaigns for food production, hospitality, retail and other companies, building strategies that take advantage of all possible channels to harness the largest audience possible.


RIESTER Advertising Agencies Phoenix

Founded: 1989

Focus: RIESTER is an advertising company that works with clients of all sizes to build marketing strategies primed for the digital era. RIESTER offers a suite of digital marketing services ranging from brand planning to social media campaigning, covering a swath of needs their clients may have in integrating digital tools into their plans for brand success. The agency's global reach has allowed them to open two offices in addition to their Phoenix headquarters, in Park City and Los Angeles.


Gate6 Advertising Agencies Phoenix

Founded: 1996

Focus: Gate6 was founded originally as a software consulting company, but their team has grown into digital marketing experts, and the agency now works with clients globally to develop effective and impactful advertising campaigns. The agency now offers services ranging from UX Design to e-commerce campaign integration, providing companies with round-the-clock, full spectrum support to help them reach their marketing objectives.


iAcquire Advertising Agencies Phoenix

Founded: 2008

Focus: IAcquire is one of the world's leaders in advertising and content marketing, working with clients to develop both digital and physical content assets to connect with potential customers and partners. From content development and promotion to reputation management, the agency's team works in their Phoenix, San Diego and New York offices to help companies launch impactful campaigns that connect with their overall brand stories.


Freestar Advertising Agencies Phoenix

Founded: 2016

Focus: Freestar collaborates with digital companies to enable monetization of their advertising operations and web content, helping to power greater ad-based revenue and giving space to create more content assets. Their scalable solutions can help companies create header bidding and unified reporting tools while allowing clients to have more control over the quality of their ads and to respond effectively to real time data.


BizIQ Advertising Agencies Phoenix

Founded: 2012

Focus: BizIQ works with small businesses to build advertising solutions and help develop a meaningful presence in their local community. The agency can work on projects such as social media advertising, video marketing and copywriting designed to help their client companies harness all available digital assets and make a big impact on their immediate communities. BizIQ additionally provides services such as SEO optimization, reputation management, logo design, and a range of other marketing services.


AERO Marketing Group Advertising Agencies Phoenix

Founded: 2004

Focus: AERO Marketing Group works with companies of all sizes and in all industries to build impactful promotional campaigns and customer engagement projects. The Phoenix-based agency has worked with brands like Patrón and Rackspace on both online and offline marketing campaigns, taking advantage of all available assets and vantage points to develop both brand loyalty and brand visibility. Based out of Phoenix's Ahwatukee neighborhood, AERO Marketing Group has an international reach with additional offices in Los Angeles, Monterey, Atlanta and Frankfurt.


Blacksmith Agency Advertising Agencies Phoenix
Blacksmith Agency

Founded: 2010

Focus: Blacksmith Agency is an advertising and design agency that leverages the latest technologies to build campaign strategies to meet the needs of the digital era. The agency has teamed up with big names like General Electric and Bigpanda on creative campaign projects to refresh and boost brand presences online and in person. Their team offers clients a suite of services spanning everything from logo design to user experience development.


KEO Marketing Advertising Agencies Phoenix
KEO Marketing

Founded: 2000

Focus: KEO Marketing partners with companies in the B2B industry to build creative strategies that help them close more sales and build a dedicated community of clients. Targeting social, search and mobile discovery, KEO Marketing supports clients in boosting lead generation and accounts onboarding through a full-spectrum cache of services that includes video marketing, email marketing, web design and more.


KEO Marketing Advertising Agencies Phoenix
Yeager marketing

Founded: 2008

Focus: Yeager Marketing connects with tech companies to help them develop their B2B operations, helping them develop campaigns to build meaningful relationships with their customers, investors and partners. Their team puts brands in a better position to make a big market impact and reach their target audience with the help of video, virtual reality, web content, and other advertising tools. 


Intelemark Advertising Agencies Phoenix

Founded: 2000

Focus: Intelemark assists B2B clients in creating ad campaigns that strengthen their client outreach efforts and increase the profitability of their sales pipelines. Their team has over 90 years of collective experience in sales marketing and lead generation. Intelemark combines creative strategy with data and analytics to create effective campaigns that target every possible pipeline and channel their clients have available to them. Their services can be made available to companies in any industry, and Intelemark works with clients in a variety of industries spanning healthcare, tech, finance, manufacturing, education and more.


CyberMark Advertising Agencies Phoenix

Founded: 1994

Focus: CyberMark is primarily an internet marketing agency, helping companies across the United States take advantage of digital and web tools to increase their business impact and spread their brand story. The agency offers a full service creative suite to their clients covering web design, SEO, social media advertising, CRO, and other internet marketing options to fit each company's needs.


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Branded Cities Network Advertising Agencies Phoenix
Branded Cities 

Founded: 2006

Focus: Branded Cities helps brands create multi-dimensional campaigns and experiences for their clients, specializing in out-of-home advertising that delivers high impact to the greatest audience possible. With offices in eight major U.S. metros, Branded Cities delivers mapping tools and creative production services to their clients in nearly every market, helping them build digital campaigns that are effective in both the digital sphere and the real world.

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