Dcode accelerator brings together tech and government
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Dcode is a D.C-based organization that works to bring tech startups and government entities together to drive innovation in the federal market. The company announced Monday its platform Nexus will now be offered to tech companies outside of its accelerator program. Previously, Nexus was only offered to tech companies accepted into Dcode’s formal accelerator program, Dcode Accelerate. 

The Nexus platform allows tech companies access to on-demand federal expertise to help explain and simplify contracting with the federal government.

“It takes a long time to actually get through the contracting process, so the most promising startups in the country all very intentionally put the government really late on the [growth] roadmap,” Dcode Managing Director Nate Ashton told Built In.

The complicated contracting process can scare tech companies from venturing into partnerships with government entities. Likewise, government employees aren’t always aware of how to connect and work with tech companies, making the divide between the two entities wide. In other words, there’s a reason government websites and tech solutions are often behind the innovation seen in the private sector — tech companies and government entities simply don’t speak the same language. That’s something Dcode wants to change.

The accelerator is focused on bridging the gap between tech companies and government agencies. Unlike most accelerators that bring young companies from concept to product, Dcode trains both tech companies and government employees on how to work together. That dual approach to innovation in the federal market is what sets Dcode apart.

One way Dcode achieves its mission is through its Nexus platform, an online community that gives tech companies numerous resources for entering, networking and scaling in the federal market. The platform allows tech companies and government workers alike to connect in online forums and at twice-monthly virtual events hosted by Dcode. Recent and upcoming events include speakers from Kessel Run, Black Pearl, NGA, DIU, JAIC, GSA, RapidX and Space Force.

Dcode's Nexus platform
Dcode’s Nexus platform brings together tech companies and government employees in an online community. | Photo: Dcode

Nexus also has a library of curriculum on a variety of topics such as government use case matching, pricing and marketing, developing channel and direct sales strategies, and managing complex government security and compliance requirements. Tech professionals can access the curriculum on an on-demand basis through online modules.

Nexus is now available to anyone through the organization’s new platform-only subscription tier. Tech companies interested in entering the federal market can get a one-month free trial of Nexus for a limited time only. After the trial, Nexus costs $975 a month or $9,750 annually with two free months.

“We’re continuing to see increased demand from the government and tech companies looking to work together to better serve Americans,” Dcode CEO Megan Metzger said in a statement. “This newest subscription offering of Dcode’s acceleration platform allows even more tech companies to access the expertise and connections they need to meet that demand.”

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