Springboard CEO Gautam Tambay and UMGC president Greg Fowler
Springboard CEO Gautam Tambay and UMGC president Greg Fowler. | Photo: Springboard / LinkedIn

Changing careers can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience or education in your next chosen field. It’s a lot easier to pick up those new skills now than it used to be pre-internet, though. Instead of shelling out a ton of money or going even deeper into student loan debt, today’s career hoppers can learn new skills on their own time from any internet-enabled device with online skill training.

One company helping new tech professionals find fulfilling second careers is Springboard, an online education platform that places students on new career pathways through mentor-supported virtual courses. While most online skill training courses are self-directed, Springboard gives students hands-on support from industry professionals as well as access to career coaching. Graduates of Springboard have landed jobs with major tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Reddit and Boeing, among others.

“Springboard’s programs are highly responsive to the changing needs of today’s labor market and bring accessible, affordable and flexible education to the masses,” Springboard co-founder and CEO Gautam Tambay said in a statement.

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The San Francisco-based company recently announced a partnership with the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), an online public university. The partnership will allow UMGC students to take Springboard courses in subjects like cybersecurity, software engineering and data analytics. Additional career tracks are also expected to be added as offerings through the partnership soon.

“This alliance not only offers a nontraditional pathway to career success but also a credential that is relevant and closely tied to ensuring employment,” UMGC president Greg Fowler said in a statement. “While we are always supportive of learners who pursue degrees, this partnership is another way for us to support learners who will transform their lives with different experiences, as well as demonstrate our willingness to partner with businesses to ensure workforce readiness.”

The programs will be open to the public and have no prerequisites, meaning those looking to change careers don’t need prior experience to get the ball rolling. Students who complete a program will receive a certificate of completion. Those who take Springboard’s six-month courses can also receive credit toward a bachelor’s degree at UMGC.

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