Margo Steines | Sep 29, 2023

The tech industry is vast, and many of its largest and most influential names aim to broaden their customer base and talent pool by doing business internationally. Montreal is one of multiple Canadian cities that have seen a thriving tech workforce. With tech workers flocking to the country and the city’s universities providing education and training for new job candidates, the following are some of the top tech companies in Montreal.

Top Tech Companies in Montreal

  • Cloudflare
  • Dropbox
  • SharkNinja
  • Morgan Stanley
  • ADP
  • CGI


Top 6 Tech Companies in Montreal

Industries: Cloud, cybersecurity

Cloudflare’s cloud and cybersecurity services are designed to help internet applications run fast, well and safely. Serving industries including healthcare, the non-profit and public sectors, education and finance, the company’s products and services facilitate secure hybrid work, accelerated networks and protected cloud applications.

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Industries: Software, cloud, productivity

Dropbox’s products and services make it easy for its customers to share large files and collaborate on projects. The Dropbox Capture function allows users to take and share screenshots and screen recordings, for example, and Dropbox Sign lets them virtually collect and keep track of legally-binding signatures.

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Industries: Retail, e-commerce, manufacturing

SharkNinja works to deliver quality consumer goods to market at top speed. Its product line includes vacuums, hair dryers, blenders, air fryers and ice cream makers. The company has more than 3,000 patents and does business through over 150 retailers worldwide.

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Industry: Financial services

Morgan Stanley provides services like investment banking and market research to entrepreneurs, CEOs, corporations, hedge funds, individual investors, governments and other institutions. Founded in the 1930s, the company employs over 80,000 professionals who are spread across operations in more than three dozen countries. 

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Industry: HR tech

People management teams of all sizes use ADP’s cloud-based tools and solutions for handling activities such as payroll processing and screening potential new hires. The company offers an array of products capable of integrating with other popular software for HR and finance functions, and its app marketplace gives customers a library of options to fit their business needs.

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Industry: IT consulting

CGI brings consulting services and tech solutions to businesses in several industries, including banking, utilities, insurance, life sciences, manufacturing and transportation. Its offerings are designed to help businesses solve challenges, embrace a changing digital landscape and implement operational practices that drive success. CGI’s workforce of more than 90,000 consultants operates in hundreds of different locations across the globe.

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