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5 Step Marketing Plan - Get More Customers

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People buy things they want from people they know and trust. Your goal is to get people to know you and trust you.


What You'll Learn:

  • Have a compelling marketing message

  • Learn where you can start from

  • Learn how to position a successful business

  • Learn how to grow your business

  • Learn how to reach customers around the world

  • You will be able to define your market and competitors

  • Learn how to create a marketing message and your brand

  • Learn how to determine your marketing mediums

  • Learn how to determine your marketing budget

  • How to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL

  • Learn how to increase your turnover

  • You will get the step-by-step marketing templates

  • Learn how to keep your current customers satisfied



  • Internet Connection

  • Pen and Paper



5 Step Marketing Plan to Get More Customers, Referrals & Make More Money - A Winning Marketing and Sales Strategy for Small Business.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a startup/small business owner is to not have a marketing plan. In this 5 Step Marketing Plan Course, you will find a clear, step-by-step marketing plan template that you can easily follow that will help you achieve more growth and success in your business.

This course contains small business marketing strategies. After completing the simple steps and action plans found in this course, you will:

  • Know your customers
  • Understand your market and competition
  • Have a compelling marketing message
  • Determine your marketing mediums and budget
  • Know how to get new customers and retain existing customers
  • With this course you will have all the tools you need to take your business to the next level of success!


Who this course is for: 

  • New Startups
  • Small Business Owners
  • Anyone thinking of starting a business"

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This digital marketing course is designed for students with a range of professional experiences — including beginners. You’ll take a deep dive into the essential channels and tactics behind effective campaigns. Get hands-on experience with social media, search strategy, conversion optimization, Google Analytics, and more.

You will concentrate on the most important tools for executing digital marketing strategies on the job. The program’s content is curated by the General Assembly digital marketing advisory board so that you are able to meet the evolving employer demands of a digital marketer. 


What you'll accomplish

This course will equip you with the skills you need to be a productive and effective marketer and keep pace with an evolving digital landscape. You’ll learn current tools and best practices to drive sales leads, boost customer engagement, and help your brand stand out in a crowded market. Throughout this expert-designed program, you’ll:

  • Use a full arsenal of digital marketing tools, including Google AdWords and Facebook.
  • Design and execute comprehensive marketing plans through channels such as social media, search, email, and paid advertising.
  • Execute marketing strategy that’s powered by data and customer insight.
  • Measure and optimize performance for campaign success using Google Analytics.
  • Apply what you’ve learned to create a portfolio project: an end-to-end campaign that addresses a real-world growth problem.


Why General Assembly

Since 2011, General Assembly has graduated more than 40,000 students worldwide from the full time & part time courses. During the 2020 hiring shutdown, GA's students, instructors, and career coaches never lost focus, and the KPMG-validated numbers in their Outcomes report reflect it. *For students who graduated in 2020 — the peak of the pandemic — 74.4% of those who participated in GA's full-time Career Services program landed jobs within six months of graduation. General Assembly is proud of their grads + teams' relentless dedication and to see those numbers rising. Download the report here.


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