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Been thinking about diversity, equity and inclusion at work? So have we.

Written by Adam Calica
Published on Jan. 11, 2022
Take Our State of DEI in Tech Survey

Conversations around workplace diversity, equity and inclusivity (DEI) grew to a fever pitch following the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020 and the importance of those discussions has only increased since.

Following that year, we released our 2021 State of DEI in Tech Report and found that 80 percent of job seekers said a company’s DEI practices are important to them when considering employers. Between 2019 and 2020, tech companies invested an additional 10 percent in new initiatives like dedicated DEI staff and employee resource groups (ERGs). But 55 percent of Black employees still said they didn’t feel comfortable being their authentic selves at work.

Today we want to know: What sentiments around workplace DEI have changed since 2020? And not just for Black employees, but for professionals from all backgrounds? 

How important is DEI to tech talent now? What DEI initiatives do tech workers value most? To what degree do tech professionals across all backgrounds feel valued by their peers and managers?

state of dei in tech survey


Here at Built In, we believe a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce is crucial to not only the long-term success of the tech industry but how happy and engaged employees are within it. That’s why we’re continuing to examine this issue in our coverage and releasing the second iteration of our State of DEI in Tech Report. 

We want to paint a clear picture of where the industry’s DEI efforts stand today and where they’re headed. By taking this reader survey, you can help control the narrative around the areas that workplace DEI needs to improve. The more input we have from tech talent like you, the more we can work to create the positive change that the industry demands.

The survey is easy, anonymous and only takes about 12 minutes to complete. Are you ready to make your voice heard?

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