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Cybersecurity firms develop software products and foster expertise aimed at preventing a wide array of digital threats. Their services are crucial to ensuring client companies are able to maintain core business functions and fulfill their duty to protect sensitive data. The cybersecurity industry in the United Kingdom is primarily centered in London, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the city’s top companies providing solutions like email security, firewalls and threat intelligence.

Top Cybersecurity Companies in London

  • EPAM Systems
  • Fortinet
  • Darktrace
  • Tessian
  • ITC Secure
  • Silobreaker


Cybersecurity Companies in London to Know

EPAM Systems offers cybersecurity services informed by its deep expertise in software engineering, its holistic vision of the cloud ecosystem and its systematized approach to cyber protections. Starting with proactive defense and following with actionable intelligence as well as rapid threat detection and response, it aims to shore up clients’ people, processes and tech stack.

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Fortinet is a security vendor that makes a broad range of software products for cybersecurity, including firewalls, endpoint security solutions and intrusion detection systems. Founded in 2000, Fortinet today serves hundreds of thousands of global customers in industries like manufacturing, education, healthcare, retail and financial services.

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Darktrace is an AI-focused cybersecurity company using machine learning to assess and evaluate digital threats. Darktrace’s products include Prevent, Detect, Respond and Heal, which are for increased security, instant threat vision, disarming threats and recovery from cyber attacks, respectively. More than 8,800 customers across 110 countries use its tech.

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Tessian specializes in email cybersecurity, using AI and behavioral analysis to protect and defend against digital threats to cloud-based email systems. Its platform is able to identify cyber threats like spear phishing, misaddressed emails, unauthorized emails and noncompliance with security measures.

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ITC Secure is a cybersecurity firm and Microsoft Solutions Partner. It markets its solutions according to three approaches: security, compliance and identity. ITC Secure is also equipped to provide services in an advisory, developmental or management capacity, depending on client needs. For example, the company employs Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) who can use their expertise to serve as advisors and strategists for client companies.

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Silobreaker’s cybersecurity software searches for all varieties of intelligence data, bringing information that would otherwise be siloed — hence the name — into one viewpoint and a single workflow. It handles cyber threat landscape intelligence, supply chain threat intelligence, vulnerability, asset monitoring and other critical functions to keep client assets and processes safe from digital threats.

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