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TurboHire is an AI-powered Recruitment Experience platform that combines Design, AI and Automation to generate Experiences that enable Engagement and hence produce a direct and measurable impact on deserving candidates, when treated well, joining the organization. The Five Experiences are Candidate Experience - a multi-channel digital experience interface for job application, Eligibility, Assessments, Interviews, Offers, Document submissions and Pre-Onboarding Recruiter Experience - Multi-channel Sourcing Automation, Best in class AI-powered Screening Automation, Interview Scheduling Automation across time zones, roles and departments, Offer Letter Automation and Interviewer communication, all combined as Recruiter Experience with great design and usability. Plug-and-play use of 60+ global tools for Assessment, Interviewing and Background verification. Interviewer Experience - A multi-channel and multi-device Interview Hub to get interview schedules, conducting interviews and providing feedback to candidates on the go. Hiring Manager Experience - a multi-channel and multi-device Job Requisition and Offer approvals to meet budget and other guidelines. Leadership Experience - Real-time actionable alerts and dashboards on every candidate, every job and every business unit. These Experiences have been repeatedly integrated onto the leading global HRMS/ WFM platforms. Visit us or write to us to realize your HR Transformation and Digital Transformation agenda.

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