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Aircapture’s modular, on-site technology captures climate-changing CO2 from the air, and puts it directly into our customers' production processes. The result is a greener, cleaner and cheaper product that can help their businesses go carbon neutral, or even negative. Previously, commercially available CO2 was produced and distributed only in ways that generate large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, result in product impurities and include the often-substantial friction costs from transportation. For every tonne of delivered CO2, we estimate two or more tonnes of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming and creating significant supply chain emissions, the cost of which are likely to materially increase. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions alone is not enough to avoid catastrophic climate change. Atmospheric carbon dioxide removal addresses legacy emissions and drives the development of critical, sustainable carbon-negative infrastructure. By utilizing atmospheric CO2, we can actually turn back the hands of time – reversing much of the damage that has already been done – while enabling our customers to economically build new carbon-to-value industries and alleviate energy poverty on a global scale. Our mission is to use Direct Air Capture (DAC) to help achieve these goals. DAC can be sited practically anywhere. There are no natural or technical limits to its scale, the quantity of carbon dioxide it removes is verifiable and it is cost-effective today

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