David Koff
Technology Expert and Writer, formerly at Nike
Expertise: Cybersecurity, blockchain and cryptocurrencies
Education: University of Pennsylvania

Technology expert and writer with over 25 years of experience, including as a senior systems administrator for Nike and the J. Paul Getty Trust in Los Angeles.

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19 Articles
JavaScript code on a terminal screen
Node.js is an open-source server that works on multiple operating systems and is useful for both front- and back-end applications. This tutorial explains how to install it on your machine.
A robot looks at a math problem
Researchers working on artificial intelligence at Facebook recently terminated a project. Our expert explains why and explores the ramifications on the broader field.
JavaScript code
Programmers need to know how to pass arrays between various computer languages. Here, our expert explains how to move one from Java to JavaScript.
A programmer works on code on multiple screens
GDB, short for GNU debugger, is a powerful tool for debugging code. Here, our expert offers an introduction to its use.
A curling match with stones and a person sweeping near the target
cURL is a popular programming language, but its drawbacks make it unwieldy for some users. Here, our expert shares some useful alternatives and highlights their upsides.
The number twelve
Base 12, also called duodecimal, is a number system that uses 12 as its base. Here, our expert explains how the system works.
A desktop display showing a CLI interface
CLI commands are a quick and efficient way for users to accomplish computing tasks. Our expert offers an introduction to their use.
A hand holding up a single bitcoin.
Bitcoin has exploded in popularity, but its origins are something of a mystery. So, what’s the history of the world’s best-known cryptocurrency?
A Bitcoin being slotted into a piggy bank.
Bitcoin is the first digital currency to gain mainstream acceptance, but is it a good investment? Our expert shares his perspective on its prospects.
A hand adds a Bitcoin to a stack in front of market trend lines
Cryptocurrency has become a popular investment. Here’s what you need to know about getting into the space.
A hand operates a smartphone with coins floating above it
Creating a new cryptocurrency takes know-how, time, and the desire to create something that people will want to own and use. Here’s how the process works.
A stack of crypto coins on top of a smartphone with a market reading on it
Cryptocurrency is becoming a mainstream investment opportunity. So, how does it actually work?