At Yotpo, Teamwork Transcends Time Zones

Three employees describe how the company maintains collaboration and a sense of community with employees spread across the globe.

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Jun. 20, 2023
At Yotpo, Teamwork Transcends Time Zones
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At Yotpo, the key to alignment and strong working relationships isn’t accomplishing something new — it’s about doing the same thing many times over. 

Talent Acquisition Operations Specialist Janea Reed said the team cultivates a close-knit culture by regularly focusing on listening to one another and intentionally doing things that foster relationships and build trust — specifically in seeking out projects that are global. “We want to keep practices globally unified, and we also want to ensure business partners can give geo-specific perspectives,” she explained. “The best way to appreciate someone’s work is by working with them!”

So far, she has seen this persistence pay off on her own team, which has developed stronger collaboration — and camaraderie — with the company’s branding and design team. 

“We’ve been able to get more done in less time, innovate and laugh at the oddest hours of the day,” she said. 

These organic moments of connection define the employee experience across the company and are crucial to maintain across every office location. That’s why Reed works closely with cross-functional partners at other offices to understand their working and communication styles. Doing so has enabled her team to successfully spearhead high-impact global initiatives. 

“There’s no shortage of opportunities for our teams across the world to work together on projects and initiatives that drive our business forward,” Reed said. 

As Yotpo continues to expand globally, this level of cohesive teamwork has become even more important for the company to maintain. Yet Reed believes the organization is more than prepared to take on this challenge, given its long-standing commitment to offering an environment rooted in collaboration. 


Yotpo’s e-commerce marketing platform is designed to help brands accelerate direct-to-consumer growth. The company’s products can be used to develop mobile messaging experiences, loyalty and referral programs, personalized emails, subscription offerings and more. 

The company currently maintains a global workforce spread across several cities, including New York, London, Toronto and Tel Aviv.



Photo of Yotpo’s NYC office with colorful nooks for two-person seating with a table.


Cross-Continental Collaboration

UI/UX Marketing Designer Dekel Habi may live in Tel Aviv, but many of the people with whom he has working relationships are based in New York City. By assigning him to projects with global teammates — such as internal newsletters, social templates, infographics and more — the company has made it easy for him to build strong connections with his colleagues in the Big Apple, which reaps benefits for everyone involved. 

“I represent my own site and specific team’s interests and opinions while learning more about theirs,” he said. 

Since he began working with the New York team about six months ago, Habi has established a deep understanding of their operations and working preferences while building a strong foundational partnership with a main point of contact there. By holding regular meetings between both offices, he’s able to maintain a steady flow of information, keeping team members informed and aligned. 

According to Senior Manager of Learning and Enablement Erin Twyman, this global cross-functional collaboration is common across the organization. The company encourages teams to come together frequently to discuss ongoing projects and provide updates. 

“This helps create a shared understanding of each other’s work and builds a sense of camaraderie,” she said. 

Having face-to-face time with colleagues is essential for sustaining connections across the company. Reed recognizes the value of frequent interactions and believes every meeting, regardless of its purpose, offers employees the chance to learn something new and grow personally.  

“You may intend a meeting to be a 30-minute working session, but you end up leaving the call with a new perspective,” she said. “In a short time, you’ve learned about someone’s work in more detail, developed empathy and gained even more respect for another person’s role and responsibilities.”


Yotpo’s team recently rolled out a global intranet, called the People Portal, through which company information is more accessible than ever. Manager handbooks, policies and peer recognition are all available via the portal now, which has proven an invaluable resource to team members. The People Portal has also strengthened the team’s global unity; it serves as a repository of diverse perspectives and local needs.




Photo of Yotpo’s NYC office with balloon columns and meeting nooks between bench-desk seating.


‘One Yotpo’

Whether they live in Sydney or New York City, Yotpo team members are always connecting with their teammates from around the world. The idea of “One Yotpo” echoes this sentiment, serving as a galvanizing force that fosters a sense of belonging, unity and teamwork. 

Reed said the company takes tactical measures to ensure its efforts are contributing to this ideal. By employing engagement surveys and maintaining a goal framework of objectives and key results, the company keeps a pulse on collaboration and alignment. 

Reed added that these surveys and benchmarks mean nothing unless proper action is taken, which is why Yotpo actively responds to cultural trends when necessary. For instance, when one survey revealed that employees were struggling to find information across the company, the organization rolled out its new intranet, The People Portal, which helps teams stay connected and facilitates the flow of knowledge. 

While measurements and support help drive teamwork at Yotpo, it’s the people themselves who ultimately define the culture. Twyman believes fostering diversity is the first step in creating this type of environment. 

“We make a conscious effort to bring people onto the team from different backgrounds and with varying levels of experience,” she said. “This allows us to tap into a range of perspectives, which ultimately leads to more effective problem-solving and decision-making.”

“We make a conscious effort to bring people onto the team from different backgrounds and with varying levels of experience.”


For Twyman, inclusion forms the foundation of Yotpo’s collaborative culture. Steeped in transparency, companywide practices — such as financial reports shared at quarterly all-hands meetings, recording big meetings so they are accessible for anyone who misses them, and building an internal mobility structure to elevate career paths and eliminate bias — contribute to Yotpo’s inclusivity.   

Offering employees space to understand each other’s uniqueness as both people and professionals doesn’t simply make the company a great place to work — it shapes overall success. 

“We’ve learned that diverse perspectives are incredibly valuable and can lead to innovative solutions and better outcomes for our company,” Twyman said. 



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Yotpo.

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