Verily, a Google Parent Subsidiary, Looks to Hire 115 for New Dallas Location

Set to open early 2022, Verily’s new Dallas hub will focus on building its IT, sales and marketing teams.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Oct. 19, 2021
Verily, a Google Parent Subsidiary, Looks to Hire 115 for New Dallas Location
Photo: Verily / Twitter

San Francisco-based Verily, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc., announced on Thursday it will open a new location in Dallas that will act as its hub for IT, sales and marketing. 

Launched in 2015, Verily develops tools and devices to collect and organize healthcare data. The data is then used to determine ways to prevent and manage various diseases. According to its website, the company’s work has contributed to a better understanding of autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis and sleep apnea. After the Covid-19 outbreak last year, Verily also opened several testing sites in California and has since contributed to research for developing Covid treatments and vaccines.  

“Dallas represents a growing center for technology and health innovation — a growth powered by a vibrant community of diverse, experienced and highly-skilled people, individuals we know will add to Verily’s leadership in the health sector,” Stephen Gillett, Verily COO, told Built In via email. “The healthcare sector will continue to grow as the regional population expands, and Verily is positioned to be a major economic contributor and community leader for healthcare in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.” 

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On January 4, Verily will move into a temporary location in Dallas. In June, the company will move into the Cypress Waters development, a 1,000-acre property that includes office space, restaurants, housing and future DART Rail stations. 

“Dallas also gives us a base midway between our operations on the East (Boston) and West Coasts (South San Francisco), in an environment that is friendly to business and offers a high quality of life for our employees,” Gillett said. 

Verily plans to hire around 115 employees in IT, sales and marketing for the new Dallas hub by the end of 2022. There is also a possibility that Verily will expand into two more floors, housing 115 employees on each level, Gillett added. No time frame was given for the latter plans. 

In addition to hiring, other future plans for Verily could include breaking away from Alaphabet Inc.

“The vision for Verily remains that it will grow, mature and ultimately become independent from Alphabet at some point in the future,” Gillett said.

Verily has collaborated with several companies, including Pfizer, Mayo Clinic, Biogen and 3M Science, among others. Verily is actively hiring for several Dallas-based roles. 

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