6 UK Gaming Companies to Know

Read about some of the leading studios in the U.K. and the games coming out them.

Written by Margo Steines
6 UK Gaming Companies to Know
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Rose Velazquez | Apr 22, 2024

The United Kingdom has more than 2,000 businesses operating in the gaming space. Their work covers a broad stretch of genres, including racing, strategy, horror and tactical shooter. The following are examples of some of the most notable U.K. gaming companies, which seek to produce titles featuring high-quality graphics and narratives.

UK Gaming Companies to Know

  • Warner Bros. Discovery
  • Playground Games
  • Creative Assembly
  • Sumo Digital
  • Rebellion
  • Sports Interactive


Top Gaming Companies in the UK

Warner Bros. Discovery is a global company responsible for a diverse range of brands across the media and entertainment landscape, including game developers such as TT Games. With studios across multiple locations in the U.K., TT Games is known for producing popular titles like Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and the Lego Harry Potter Collection.


Playground Games creates games for global audiences, and its reputation largely centers around the popularity of its racing-focused Forza Horizon game series. The company, which has been in business since 2010, employs artists, engineers and other game development experts who operate out of two U.K. studios. 

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Creative Assembly is a long-established game development studio that has been producing titles since 1987, and weathered huge leaps in gaming technology. Proudly collaborative and dedicated to the visual and narrative detail of its products, the studio prioritizes creative autonomy. 


Sumo Digital, a video game development company, runs more than a dozen studios across Europe, India and North America, including PixelAnt Games, Red Kite Games and Lab42 Games. Sumo Digital has earned numerous “Best Workplace” awards and operates the Sumo Digital Academy, a training program for people who want to work in the gaming industry.  


Multimedia studio Rebellion is an independent European gaming company best known for the series Sniper Elite, which is played by over 20 million people around the world. The company’s numerous subsidiaries include Audiomotion Studios, Rebellion Film Studios and Rebellion Publishing, which puts out various comics. 

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Sports Interactive makes immersive sports management simulations, similar to fantasy sports, but on a highly interactive level. Games include Football Manager and Eastside Hockey Manager, which both allow players to roleplay managerial positions in professional sports teams by choosing rosters, running drafts, making trades and then virtually hiring a head coach or stepping into the role themselves. 

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