Neurotech companies leverage a mix of neuroscience and technological expertise to develop methods for connecting the human body’s nervous system to computers and other machinery. They seek to measure and translate the signals that neurons in the brain use to communicate with the rest of the body, as well as understand how stimuli can be applied to affect brain activity. We’ve compiled a list of some top neurotech companies conducting research and building devices to innovate this subset of healthcare technology.

Top Neurotech Companies

  • Neuralink
  • Kernel
  • Blackrock Neurotech
  • Neurable
  • Synchron


Neurotech Companies to Know

Founded: 2016

Headquarters: Fremont, California

Neuralink is developing an implantable brain-computer interface intended to let people who are paralyzed use their thoughts to operate compatible computers and medical devices. The company has also designed a surgical robot equipped with the optics, sensors and other technologies necessary for implanting these devices.

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Founded: 2016

Headquarters: Culver City, California

Kernel is a team of engineers, neuroscientists and physicists working to establish non-invasive methods of collecting data about brain signals that can be used to enhance neuroscience and improve clinical treatments. The company is conducting various studies using Kernel Flow, which it describes as “a hi-res tool that quickly and easily collects robust brain data at scale.”


Founded: 2008

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah

Blackrock Neurotech specializes in building brain-computer interfaces to be used by patients dealing with paralysis and other neurological disorders. The technology has the potential to help them gain mobility and independence, allowing them to type, control robotic arms, maneuver a wheelchair and complete other tasks with their thoughts.


Founded: 2015

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

Neurable is a product of the University of Michigan’s Direct-Brain Interface Laboratory. Its experts focus on creating devices that can measure brain activity and then convert it into insights that users can make sense of. The company’s aim is to make neurotechnology more accessible to the everyday consumer.

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Founded: 2016

Synchron is working on a brain-computer interface that can be implanted through a minimally-invasive procedure. It has the potential to advance the treatment of neurological disorders and restore lost functions to patients who have severe paralysis. Synchron’s product, which is a neuroprosthetic that can translate neural signals into commands for controlling digital devices, is currently being tested in clinical trials.

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