5 Sustainability Companies in Montreal

Sustainability-focused companies are pushing us toward a greener future. These are the ones you should know.

Written by Margo Steines
Published on Jan. 30, 2024
5 Sustainability Companies in Montreal
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New technology coupled with a growing mindfulness for how business operations and products impact the environment are leading to advancements in the global sustainability sector. In Canada, companies with environmental sustainability at the heart of their business model are producing solutions with features like AI-powered automations and complex data analytics to improve the way their customers treat the natural world and its resources. We’ve gathered a list of some of the companies in Montreal that are helping to push Canada toward a more environmentally friendly future.

Top Sustainability Companies in Montreal

  • BrainBox AI
  • Novisto
  • Energy Performance Services
  • Oxia Initiative


Top Sustainability Companies in Montreal

BrainBox AI makes cloud-based software for HVAC optimization, which is used to decarbonize and optimize large office and industrial buildings. By applying artificial intelligence to automate how an HVAC system operates, the company’s software is able to measure, offset and reduce a building’s carbon footprint. The software offers users a comparison of energy use and insights into where the highest-yield adjustments can be made. 

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Novisto makes environmental, social and governance, or ESG, software for sustainability management. It works with ESG data from client companies to offer solutions and insights into exactly where and how they can decrease their carbon footprints and capitalize on their “green potential.” AI helps establish how a given company stacks up against its peers and keeps track of ESG metrics and how they impact revenue. 

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GHGSAT uses proprietary satellite technology to generate emissions intelligence. By remotely sensing greenhouse gas emissions from space, the company supplies governments and corporate interests with emissions data to drive environmental policy and set emissions standards. GHGSAT serves the oil and gas, coal mining, agriculture, power generation, waste management and government sectors.

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Energy Performance Services is a consultancy focused on sustainable energy usage for utility providers and industrial energy users. Its offering center around strategic energy management, energy management systems, energy management information systems and energy management consulting. Energy Performance Services is trusted by enterprise companies including 3M and IBM

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Oxia Initiative is a sustainability company that facilitates environmental assessments. Its core products include intricate AI-verified corporate carbon footprint reports based on smart data, as well as avoided emissions reports that include project life cycle analyses. The company also offers Carboscope, a sustainability and impact platform that uses AI and algorithmic logic to guide client companies toward net-zero carbon emissions. 

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Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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