Dallas-Based B2B Insurance Startup Evry Health Launches From Stealth

The startup will initially focus on companies with employees in Dallas, Collin, Denton, Rockwall and Tarrant counties.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Nov. 24, 2021
Dallas-Based B2B Insurance Startup Evry Health Launches From Stealth
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Chris Gay, co-founder of Dallas-based pay-per-mile car insurance company MileMeter, recently brought his personalized health insurance startup Evry Health to Dallas businesses.

Launched in 2017, Every Health recently emerged from stealth after spending years building partnerships. The startup offers “customer-centric” healthcare plans for midsize businesses with between 100 and 2,000 employees who are located in Dallas, Denton, Collin, Rockwall and Tarrant counties. Differing from other insurance companies, the startup is mobile-friendly and centers around automated software technology. 

Evry will use the software to automate processes such as administrative tasks and claims processing, according to a company spokesperson. Its app was also designed to streamline processes such as accessing telehealth, checking claims and viewing plans. 

“Our software leverages this unified data to automate as much as possible and helps us to reduce the delays and duplications of care that are otherwise commonplace,” an Evry spokesperson told Built In via email. “Everything we do with software is to support our mission of helping our members live healthier lives.”

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Evry also offers healthcare plans for remote employees and for employees who travel for work. Plans have no copays for in-network care and, on average, will cost companies less than other health plans. 

“Great businesses should provide great benefits without breaking the bank,” Gay said in a statement. “We’ve been on a mission since 2017 to build the health insurance company we’ve always wanted for ourselves and our loved ones. With today’s technology, signing up for healthcare or paying a doctor’s bill should be as easy as ordering a pizza. We’ve done the hard work of building a better health insurer from the ground up, so we can charge less, enabling employers to pass these savings on to their employees and to be more competitive in the market.”

Evry’s plans are not a one-size-fits-all model and offer highly customizable plans, according to the company. Employees will be able to select from a bevy of wellness solutions that best fit their needs. Parental support, nutritional counseling and mental health counseling are some of the benefits offered through Evry. 

“Typically, mid-sized employers don’t have built-in wellness plans at no cost, but we made this an essential part of our business model,” Evry Health CFO Jay Startz said in a statement. “The Covid-19 pandemic taught us that our health, and more specifically our mental health, is a top priority.”

There will also be payable rewards for enrolled employees in which money will be deposited to an Evry Health Reward Card that can be used as a credit card. 

Along with launching these plans, the company also announced it is planning to hire in 2022 for positions related to staffing operations, customer support, claim administration, care coordinators and software engineers. At the moment, all open positions are remote.

Already, several large investors have backed Evry, including Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley early-stage VC. And this year Evry has secured $7.5 million in funding. 

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