20 Startup Companies in Hyderabad to Know

Hyderabad emerges is a top spot for up-and-coming businesses in IT and software.

Written by Brooke Becher
Published on Mar. 07, 2024
20 Startup Companies in Hyderabad to Know
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With its ever-growing tech parks and co-working spaces, Hyderabad has become known for its rich startup ecosystem. The city plays host to India’s largest incubation center, a government-backed initiative known as the T-hub, which can house up to 1,000 early-stage companies and has generated more than 2,000 startups since its 2016 inception. Spanning across health and biotech to education and aerospace sectors, the following Hyderabad-based companies contribute to the city’s progressive impact on innovation.

Top Startup Companies in Hyderabad

  • Darwinbox
  • Skyroot Aerospace
  • UrbanKissan
  • MedPlus
  • Bhanzu
  • Dodla Diary
  • eKincare
  • Pure EV
  • Donatekart
  • RED Health


20 Startups in Hyderabad to Know

Darwinbox is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup that runs a human resource management platform. Hosting more than 850 companies in over 100 countries, Darwinbox automates day-to-day HR processes from talent acquisition and onboarding to workforce management, performance tracking and payroll. It also uses artificial intelligence to deliver actionable insights from collected data, and is designed as a mobile-first application.


Skyroot Aerospace is an aerospace startup that wants to normalize spaceflight, by providing regular earth-to-space trips on demand. The commercial launch service provider is India’s first private rocket-launching company, and is currently developing its own line of small-lift launch vehicles to install satellites.


NxtWave is an edtech startup building an online learning platform where IT professionals can learn industry-relevant skills through certified programs. Students may pursue a wide-range of specialties, including data science, AI and machine learning, blockchain, coding, cybersecurity and full stack development, while enrolled in these 20-to-40-week courses. 


UrbanKisaan is an agritech startup building a network of hyper-local urban farms that use hydroponic and vertical indoor growing techniques. These sustainable practices result in chemical-free produce with a smaller carbon footprint, saving up to 95 percent more water at 30 times the growth rate when compared to conventional methods. 


Paymatrix is a SaaS startup with a platform that allows tenants to pay their rent and monthly expenses by credit card. While streamlining the collections process for landlords and property managers, it also allows tenants to earn rewards and cashback as well as build their credit scores or qualify for discounts.

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Freyr Energy is a solar energy startup that installs “solar systems” — rooftop photovoltaic panels, inverter and battery that’s connected to an app — for homeowners and businesses. These systems last 25 years, with residential customers reporting about a 30 percent return of investment.


Practically is an edtech platform that delivers virtual, immersive learning experiences with a STEM focus. Founded in 2018, the “self-learning app” uses 3D videos, simulations and augmented reality in its online study material, curated for students from grades six through 12. 


MedPlus is India’s second-largest pharmacy chain. It operates over 4,000 retail stores across 600 cities, as well as an online pharmacy, path labs and eye care centers. MedPlus provides customers access to prescription medications, over-the-counter products, vitamins, supplements and general household goods.


Bhanzu is an online math-learning platform designed to improve a user’s acumen fourfold. Founded by Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash, who became the ‘World’s Fastest Human Calculator’ at the age of 15, the company offers three different course modules, ranging from 30 to 150 sessions.


Dodla Dairy is a foodtech company that uses a vertically integrated model to keep perishable milk-based products refrigerated as they move through the cold supply chain. With over 120 chilling centers, Dodla has helped local farmers double their earnings by increasing yields up to 25 percent higher than national average rates, Bain and Company reports.

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Bharat Biotech is a multinational biotech startup that manufactures vaccines and bio-therapeutics to treat everything from rotavirus and hepatitis-B to typhoid and polio. With more than two hundred patents and 100 clinical trials completed, this company has delivered over 9 billion doses of medicine to over 125 countries.


eKincare is a healthtech startup that delivers an AI-powered health benefits platform designed to help companies save on employee wellness programs. With a network of 10,000 service providers, its services include annual health checkups and online doctor consultations as well as access to emergency ambulance services, an e-pharmacy, vaccinations, mental health support and fitness centers.


SAI Life Sciences is a small-molecule contract research, development and manufacturing organization that partners with biotech companies to aid drug discovery. Catering to both small-scale startups and global pharmaceutical enterprises, SAI Life Sciences offers a broad range of services that covers synthetic and medicinal chemistry, biology, genotoxicity and toxicology services.


Cellestial E-mobility, a subsidiary of Tube Investments of India, is the country’s first manufacturer of electric tractors. The company produces three different models that feature an interchangeable battery capable of powering the vehicle for six hours until recharge.


SFarmsIndia is a liquidity platform and peer-to-peer marketplace where people can buy and sell agricultural land. It acts as a virtual portal where farmers and non-farmers alike can discover and directly vend or purchase eco-farms, sustainable farms and estate property.

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PURE EV manufactures all-electric, two-wheel bikes and scooters. Originating from the campus of Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, the startup produces five battery-powered models that have reduced carbon emissions by more than 62,000 tons over a four-year span.


Donatekart is a social enterprise startup building a crowdsourcing platform that enables users to donate products and supplies to charities instead of money. The platform allows non-governmental organizations to collect direct aid and launch campaigns through verified accounts so donors can support causes they care about without worry while collecting tax benefits.


Neeman’s is an apparel startup that has created a sock-free, odor-free shoe for daily wear out of renewable materials. Made from all-natural cotton and merino wool — a thin fiber with a thickness that’s a fraction of a human hair — its footwear is both light and flexible. To date, the eco-friendly brand has sold over two million pairs of shoes.


MyClassboard is an edtech startup developing a school-management platform for day-to-day administrative operations. Supporting over 3,000 schools, the cloud-based software helps process student and staff data, gradebooks, communications and fee collections.


RED.Health, formerly StanPlus, is a healthtech startup that provides emergency medical response transport and services. Backed by a fleet of over 5,000 ambulances, the company has expanded since its inception in 2016 to support routine health checks, ongoing treatment and recovery services, medicine delivery, lab testing as well as an emergency response training program.

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