Dallas Startup 1to1 Is Opening a Studio to Visualize Buildings Before Construction

The tech startup will soft launch its immersive studio aimed at designers and contractors on October 16.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Oct. 14, 2021
Dallas Startup 1to1 Is Opening a Studio to Visualize Buildings Before Construction
Photo: 1to1 Plans / Twitter

Design alterations and changes are inevitable when building a new home and often end up costing the builder or owner to fork up additional cash. To help companies save money and avoid mistakes, 1to1 Plans is set to launch a new service in which contractors, designers or new home builders upload their blueprints and visualize their design in an immersive studio before starting construction. 

1to1, a side venture for blockchain investing firm Plutus21 Capital, is being led by Daniyal M. Awan. Awan, who has been with Plutus21 since 2017 and has years of experience in commercial real estate, realized the industry was lacking a simple way to visualize a space. So, he and a team at Plutus21 came up with 1to1. 

“Nothing else was commercially available in the industry that gives a one-to-one [scalable], walkable experience of the dimensions in floor plans and blueprint designs. This led to the idea of creating a platform that easily displays any floor plan onto a very large walkable screen where users can experience true dimensions of their designs and correct any imperfections and constraints before going into construction,” reads a company statement provided to Built In. 

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According to 1to1’s website, up to 14 percent of construction costs stem from design changes made during construction. This new immersive studio seeks use advanced technology to help builders cut down on those costs.

To achieve this, 1to1 acquired a 3,000-square-foot facility, according to North Texas Inno, and installed walkable LED panels that will project floor plans in a walkable experience. Users will be able to rent the studio and populate the space with furniture provided by 1to1. This will also allow contractors, designers and families to visualize the build, ensure there are no miscalculations and, if needed, change their plans before beginning construction. 

The Dallas immersive space will have a soft launch on Oct. 16. According to North Texas Inno, 1to1 is looking to open several studios in addition to the Dallas location, including a potential space in Austin. 

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