Rose Velazquez | Feb 28, 2024

Software is at the heart of how businesses operate so companies designing tools and platforms to streamline various work processes play a key role in Canadian tech. Here’s an overview of software companies in Montreal providing solutions for HR management, improving customer experiences and meeting other significant business needs.

Top Software Companies in Montreal

  • Lansweeper
  • Workleap
  • Novisto
  • Lightspeed
  • Tecsys
  • Keatext


Software Companies in Montreal to Know

Lansweeper’s software platform gives IT team members the tools to efficiently manage assets across their organization’s technology estate. The company’s solution offers comprehensive visibility that can lead to outcomes like reduced security risks and optimized budget decisions. It has applications for industries like retail, education, healthcare and manufacturing.

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Workleap makes employee experience software for corporate clients. Its line of products includes Officevibe, a suite of HR software tools built to drive performance, and ShareGate, a solution that simplifies migrating to Microsoft 365 and facilitates daily IT operations. The company also has offerings for onboarding, learning management and skills training.

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Novisto is a platform for sustainability management. It works by identifying steps toward improved environmental, social and governance, or ESG, practices and offering insights on how to put them into action. The software looks at priority ESG risk areas and tracks how well the client company is doing in terms of meeting or exceeding standards in each area, returning analyses of how to make effective changes. 

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Lightspeed offers a cloud-based payments platform that’s built to handle both point-of-sale and e-commerce functions. Branded on speed and efficiency, the software is marketed to hospitality and retail businesses like restaurants, golf clubs and apparel stores. It includes features like inventory management, social media payment processing, shipping and pricing, and comes with hardware like kitchen-facing or customer-facing display screens.

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Tecsys makes a supply chain platform that serves a global customer base across industries including logistics, healthcare, high-volume retail and e-commerce. By managing distribution, transportation and warehousing, Tecsys says its customers are able to offer streamlined and guaranteed supply chain operations.

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Keatext offers customer relations software for text analytics, which is used to examine customer feedback to assess satisfaction and sentiment. Its platform is designed to, in the company’s words, “take all of the manual work out of your hands,” and offer suggestions to resolve customer issues. The software uses AI to power its work, providing a customizable dashboard that identifies strengths and weaknesses in customer relations.

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