13 Software Companies in London to Know

These software companies are developing solutions for a wide range of use cases across advertising, fintech, logistics and more.

Written by Margo Steines
13 Software Companies in London to Know
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Margo Steines | May 21, 2024

London serves as a center for business and tech innovation in the U.K., attracting software leaders interested in building their reputation in a major European market. From banking and social media apps to enterprise business solutions like accounting and logistics systems, companies in the software space engineer products for a broad variety of use cases. See how these software companies with a presence in London are driving progress across industries.

Top Software Companies in London to Know

  • Taboola
  • Square
  • Onfido
  • Codat
  • Prospective
  • Encord
  • Atarim


Top Software Companies in London

Regal.io makes customer interaction software used by outbound contact-center teams to drive conversions. The software pulls data to deliver insights, automations and workflows that target the exact time, pace and channel that is most likely to convert a contact into a customer. It then provides those insights to contact-center staff, who reach out by phone and text. 


Personio is a software company that serves the human resources space, with SaaS products including a comprehensive platform for HR management. Made for small-to-medium-sized businesses, the platform can act as an independent HR department, or augment the efficiency of a fully staffed HR office. 


Qualtrics says it makes software for experience management, with products aimed specifically at B2C companies that need to optimize experiences for both employees and customers. Qualtrics surveys anonymously gather data that client companies use to directly influence operational choices around the products and services it provides, as well as the ways it gets them into customers’ hands. 


Remitly is a fintech company making secure, affordable money transfer services available to users in more than 170 countries and territories. The company says its transfer process is designed to be quick and simple, and Remitly refunds fees for customers whose transfers aren’t delivered on time. Transfer recipients can get their money via cash pickup, bank deposit, mobile wallet, home delivery or debit card deposit.


Commercetools specializes in software solutions that support business-to-consumer, business-to-business and direct-to consumer business models. The company’s composable commerce platform allows its customers to build custom, optimized digital shopping experiences. Headquartered in Germany, commercetools has operations in multiple global locations, including an office in London.


Clari’s revenue management software seeks to solve a problem common to all businesses, from small to enterprise: how to predict how much money will be coming in in the future. These revenue insights, which can influence decisions like when to scale, when to invest in growth technology and when to implement austerity measures, are delivered via the Clari platform, which looks at business systems data from sales, marketing and other revenue-critical operations to glean information about the flow of money.

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Taboola is a software company focused on native advertising solutions. It offers a platform infused with artificial intelligence capabilities to power content recommendations through digital properties like editorial websites and mobile apps. Taboola’s technology helps advertisers promote their content through placements with publishers, while enabling digital properties to boost engagement and monetization.


Square builds software and hardware solutions to streamline business operations. Using the company’s point-of-sale system, businesses can accept a range of payment types, from card or contactless payments at a checkout counter to buy now, pay later installment plans. Square’s products also cover online ordering, marketing, loyalty programs, payroll and other important business functions.


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OnFido makes digital identity verification software with applications for fraud prevention, compliance, onboarding and customer acquisition contexts. Used by clients for legal age verification, driver registration and “know your customer” compliance, the software includes automation workflows and AI-powered identity search capacity.


Codat makes APIs for business operations like lending and accounting. Its solutions allow companies to connect their fintech and banking services to the software used by their customers for a streamlined, connected interface on all ends. Clients use Codat’s Sync products to offer integrations for banking, digital lending, spend management, point-of-sale and international transactions.

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Prospective is a logistics tech company that serves the demand-responsive transit, delivery and bus and coach industries. Using artificial intelligence, its software syncs fleet vehicle operations to improve efficiency, punctuality and resource use. On the customer side, the platform offers a portal where users can track their vehicle or delivery’s arrival.


Encord makes software for the development, testing and use of predictive and generative AI. Its data engine streamlines processes for debugging AI models and creates training programs to continually hone their abilities. Serving a wide range of industries, one of Encord’s notable use cases is an AI-powered data labeling system for medical and scientific images.


Atarim makes B2B visual collaboration software for design projects. Designers can draft work and then share it with clients and collaborators, who can annotate it directly to offer feedback and critique without unnecessary email communications. Thousands of teams, ranging from enterprise clients like Uber and Starbucks, to small businesses rely on the software to streamline what can otherwise be a clunky and time-consuming process.

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