Smooth Scaling: How Redgate Software’s Growth Journey Signals a New Era in Culture And Innovation

Two leaders describe how the company’s ongoing growth aligns with its focus on professional development and innovation.

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Aug. 14, 2023
Smooth Scaling: How Redgate Software’s Growth Journey Signals a New Era in Culture And Innovation
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When Commercial Sales Manager Chad Tewis joined Redgate Software in 2022, he was expecting the company to scale significantly. 

It did. But the growth strategy he’s witnessed has far surpassed his expectations. While the headcount has increased 20 percent over the past year, the leadership team has avoided the typical growing pains by staying true to the vision and roadmap set in place last year, ensuring smooth scaling. 

“There are a lot of risks and effects to consider when executing on growth strategy, and I’m proud of the extreme thoughtfulness the company puts into practice,” Tewis said. 

As the company continues to expand, leaders aim to ensure that its culture — defined by inclusion and opportunity — remains the same. According to Talent Acquisition Manager Nicola Rogers, her team is focused on finding diverse talent who will have a long-term impact on the organization. 

“We’re focused on not only the experience that new joiners can bring to our current roles, but also on considering future skills and potential,” Rogers said. 


Redgate Software’s products help teams balance the demand to deliver software quickly with the need to protect and preserve business-critical data. The company’s compliant database DevOps solution enables teams to automate database deployments, monitor performance and availability, and more.



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More Than Just Hiring 

Redgate Software’s ongoing growth journey isn’t just about increasing headcount. Although the company does believe that finding the right talent is critical for its overall success, Rogers explained, the company is equally focused on bolstering the skill sets of its existing employees. 

As they support the company’s recruitment efforts, Rogers and her peers must continually evolve themselves, which is why they rely on their most important resource for inspiration: each other. In addition to handling their day-to-day work responsibilities, they meet regularly to share their unique skill sets and expertise. 

Rogers added that she and her teammates are also encouraged to attend external webinars, events and workshops as well as internal “Level Up” events, where they have the chance to learn from their colleagues across the company. 

For Tewis, having the right mindset is just as important as professional development when it comes to navigating the growth journey. He believes it’s crucial for scaling companies to stay agile, build out a fluid roadmap that considers emerging technologies and take a few risks every now and then. It’s also helpful to continually search for new opportunities. 

“It’s important to keep an eye on both new markets and find ways to tap into growing existing markets to acquire more market share, which ultimately increases a company’s total addressable market,” Tewis said. “That’s one of the many things that excites me about Redgate right now.”



Tewis believes now is the perfect time for Redgate Software to accelerate its growth for three reasons: customer footprint, platform expansion and infrastructure. Besides having trusted relationships with many Fortune 100 companies, the organization is expanding its platforms that support its core solutions, meaning they’ll be able to tap into more market share by capitalizing off of their install base. Tewis added that the company also has the means to support and evolve with its employees, due to the strength of its enablement team, leadership team and opportunities for professional development.


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A Future Defined By Opportunity

Having the right mindset and a strong recruitment strategy is important for Redgate Software, given its current focus on acquiring more enterprise customers. As the company expands its commercial sales teams in Austin, Pasadena and New Jersey, its engineering teams — which are also growing — are enhancing their current product offerings to meet the demands of an evolving client base. 

“Now more than ever, there’s an appetite for businesses to ‘do more with less,’” Rogers said. “This, coupled with the increased need for data security, provides huge growth opportunities for us.”


“Now more than ever, there’s an appetite for businesses to ‘do more with less.’ This provides huge growth opportunities for us.”

These opportunities have urged the company to explore the possibilities and benefits of AI across all areas of its business. Rogers said the organization is also incorporating AI expertise into its product teams as a way to upskill existing employees and integrate customized AI solutions into their current offerings. 

With these ambitions in mind, Redgate Software is eager to find people who can drive its transformative period. That’s why, Rogers explained, the company is determined to find a diverse set of people to push the organization forward. 

“We’ve always sought people who share our core values, and that’s not going to change,” she said. 


Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images via Unsplash (header and supplemental) and Redgate Software (headshots).

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