15 Portland SEO Companies Driving Digital Performance

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on May. 05, 2020
15 Portland SEO Companies Driving Digital Performance
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While SEO can often be thought of as sort of quasi-magic used to hack search engines and beat them at their own game, the truth couldn’t be further off. Generally speaking, SEO uses a combination of domain expertise and website optimization techniques to signal to Google, Bing and other search engines that the content found within a particular website is accurate and deserves a high ranking for the term the user has searched. By building strategies and implementing techniques built around search intent, content writing, on-page optimizations, link campaigns and more, SEO experts communicate meticulously with search engines in the hopes that the message will be properly received.

The SEO process is one that requires careful implementation and regular maintenance, making it difficult for businesses to handle on their own. Luckily for them, these 15 SEO companies in Portland are experts in their domains and have the ability to gain more traffic and improve ROIs for their clients.

SEO Companies in Portland To Know

  • Anvil Media Inc
  • Effective Web Solutions
  • Foghorn Labs
  • Mad Fish Digital
  • Moving Mountains
  • Thesis
  • UpBuild
  • Upsource


Thesis SEO Company Portland

Founded: 2002

What they do: Thesis is one of Portland’s top full-service ad agencies, offering a wide variety of creative, technology and strategy solutions to bolster every aspect of company marketing. Regarding strategy, Thesis utilizes digital methods that include SEO, content creation, website design, and more to connect consumers to brands and drive businesses forward. 

Clients include: Intel, Adobe, Taco Bell, GQ, Dollar Shave Club, Aramark and Stumptown Coffee Roasters.


Anvil Media Inc SEO Company Portland
 SEO Company Portland

Founded: 2000

What they do: Anvil Media Inc. is a multichannel digital marketing agency focused on utilizing SEO, pay-per-click and social media marketing techniques to grow their clients’ brands and ROI. Intent on providing the right strategy and developing the right content for each individual brand, Anvil Media can also add branding, graphic design, copywriting, media planning and additional practices into the mix to ensure campaigns are robust and attention-grabbing.

Clients include: Oregon State University, Earthlink, Cambia Health Solutions, Galahad and WPI.


Effective Web Solutions SEO Company Portland
Effective Web Solutions

Founded: 2009

What they do: Effective Web Solutions is skilled in a range of digital marketing solutions meant to allow their clients to leave lasting and meaningful impressions on the largest amount of people possible. SEO, SEM, social media, remarketing and email marketing services are available through EWS, along with web design and geofencing capabilities, all leading to properly targeted campaigns

Clients include: Pot O’Gold Coffee Service, The Killer’s Pest Control, Sunworld Group and Speed’s Towing.


Foghorn Labs SEO Company Portland
Foghorn Labs

Founded: 2010

What they do: Relying on a combination of analytics and ROI, Foghorn Labs delivers multi-channel digital marketing solutions that lead to increased traffic, better audience engagement and overall growth. Services include paid search, SEO, remarketing, display ads, social media marketing and email marketing, all designed to deploy in unison and pave the way for clients to attain the fastest growth possible.

Clients include: Simms, Element Case, Toad&Co, Trew and Mosko.


Iterate Marketing SEO Company Portland
Iterate Marketing

Founded: 2008

What they do: Iterate Marketing begins its process by working to understand the customers, competitors and market trends of each of its clients. Offering a combination of SEO, paid search, retargeting, and website design allows Iterate Marketing to develop the perfect strategy and a plan to move towards acquiring more traffic to boost ROI.

Clients include: Blue Oak Dental, Luxury Home Furniture, Pearl Insurance and Community Management Inc.


Juxt Digital SEO Company Portland
Juxt Digital

Founded: 2008

What they do: JuxtDigital knows just how challenging it is to manage and implement an SEO strategy that delivers results and has set its purpose on taking that challenge out of businesses’ hands. Link building campaigns and local SEO make up the primary focus of Juxt Digital’s services, helping businesses grow leads without increasing ad spend. 


Madv Fish Digital SEO Company Portland
Mad Fish Digital

Founded: 2005

What they do: For companies looking to make a difference and collaborate on finding solutions to digital marketing challenges, Mad Fish Digital is the perfect partner. The team of technical SEO experts, copywriters and CRO experts are skilled in properly auditing and evaluating websites to discover the best optimizations to implement.

Clients include: Northwest Primary Care, Sapho, PDXWIT, Schoolhouse and Park City Area Restaurant Association.


MakeWebBetter SEO Company Portland

Founded: 2016

What they do: MakeWebBetter develops transparent strategies for driving digital marketing results, setting achievable goals to drive traffic. Technical and content-driven SEO, paid search, social media marketing and thorough analytics reporting gives MakeWebBetter a formidable platform for increasing customer satisfaction, customer retention rate and lead generation for businesses of various sizes.


Mary Jane Marketer SEO Company Portland
Mary Jane Marketer

Founded: 2019

What they do: Mary Jane Marketer was started with the intention of helping growers, dispensaries and cannabis-focused tech companies grow their businesses online as the cannabis industry continues to surge. Various packages are available from the company that include SEO strategy, SEO auditing, content creation, website copy, branding and e-commerce marketplace services. These services are designed to allow cannabis businesses to differentiate themselves during the “Green Rush."


Moving Mountains SEO Company Portland
Moving Mountains

Founded: 2015

What they do: Moving Mountains uses advanced SEO techniques to ensure its clients' websites are set to rank for meaningful search terms. The three-part process begins with analysis, keyword research, site auditing, traffic estimation and more, followed by a full website optimization to allow search engines an easier way to interpret site data. Once Moving Mountains’s customers reach the final part of the process, the company begins rolling out link building campaigns and continuously monitoring keywords, tracking traffic and providing transparent performance reports.


Oregon Web Solutions SEO Company Portland
Oregon Web Solutions

Founded: 2014

What they do: Oregon Web Solutions offers a full suite of digital marketing services designed to help businesses soar up the rankings and extend their reach to brand new leads. From complete Wordpress website design to SEO services, Oregon Web Solutions delivers substantial increases in traffic, as well as free website audits to begin the process.

Clients include: Bridge City Limos, Visit Oregon, Amia Green and Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament.


SableContent SEO Company Portland

Founded: 2016

What they do: SableContent is a team of writers dedicated to delivering high-quality content to its clients for a broad range of uses. Technical writing, press releases, articles and additional writing services are available from SableContent, including blogging and website content creation written with client-specific SEO strategies in mind.

Clients include: Ebay, Optimonk, Akamai, AdEspresso, FXCM, StoreYa and SERPSTAT.


SEMpdx SEO Company Portland

Founded: 2006

What they do: SEMpdx is a nonprofit organization created to support the digital marketing community in the U.S., offering membership opportunities to unite workforces and build stronger community ties. Members have the ability to enjoy access to industry events that offer learning and networking opportunities, as well as access to deals on conferences, allowing professionals to further their careers in a robust manner. 


UpBuild SEO Company Portland

Founded: 2015

What they do: UpBuild is a boutique online marketing agency that utilizes top digital tools to observe, understand and optimize the end-to-end journey for its clients’ customers. Focusing on SEO, conversion rate optimization and website analytics allow UpBuild to deliver solutions that improve on traffic acquisition, increase traffic retention and collect the proper data to pinpoint where businesses should optimize next. 

Clients include: Zoomdata and Indow.


LegalRev SEO Company Portland

Founded: 2010

What they do: Specifically designed to grow the digital brands of law firms, LegalRev brings all digital marketing needs into one place, offering services that increase leads and improve online reputation. The company offers packages that include professional website development, SEO content creation, PPC services, social media advertising, local SEO services, and analytics reporting, allowing law firms to focus on their clients’ needs while continuing to grow.

Clients include: Sewell Sewell Beard LLC, Waldron Law Offices Ltd, and Thomas D. Berry Attorney At Law


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