5 Renewable Energy Companies in Chennai to Know

These renewable energy companies are developing innovative solutions to meet India’s ambitious emissions goals.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Mar. 26, 2024
5 Renewable Energy Companies in Chennai to Know
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India is the third-largest energy consumer in the world, making renewable energy paramount for its economy and environment. Already, the country’s ambitious plans are to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2070 and will generate significant renewable innovation over the coming years. Below are some of Chennai’s top energy companies already working to slash carbon emissions. 

Top Renewable Energy Companies in Chennai to Know

  • Loom Solar
  • ReGen Powertech
  • Orient Green Power
  • SolarTown
  • Carbon Minus


Top Renewable Energy Companies in Chennai

Loom Solar is a greentech startup developing residential energy solutions. The company designs and manufactures high-efficiency solar panels, off-grid inverters and storage batteries. Loom also makes solar approachable for consumers through its resources library. 


ReGen Powertech manufactures renewable energy products, including wind turbines, PV panels and offshore turbines. The company is headquartered in Chennai and is one of the largest power generators due to its manufacturing capabilities. 

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Orient Green Power is one of India’s largest renewable energy producers. To date, the company generates over 400 MW of wind energy. It operates a portfolio of energy projects in regions like Gujarat and Karnataka while expanding internationally to Croatia. 


SolarTown aims to become a global leader in solar energy by developing high-quality products, including PV panels and inverters. Apart from selling these products, the company also invests in renewable education and provides customers with a bevy of resources to inform their purchases. 

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Carbon Minus is an energy startup that facilitates renewable transitions for customers. The company carries out the legal, installation and maintenance tasks required to transition a home to solar energy. With its services, Carbon Minus aims to increase renewable energy usage throughout India. 

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