IT Company ProArch Raises $25M in Growth Funding to Expand Its Services

The Atlanta-based IT services firm helps companies build digital products to power growth in today’s digital world.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Feb. 16, 2022
IT Company ProArch Raises $25M in Growth Funding to Expand Its Services
Santosh Kaveti, CEO of ProArch | Photo: ProArch

The rise of cloud computing and creation of software solutions to fit any need under the sun are just a couple factors that have led the world headfirst into the digital age. Now as more companies adopt these platforms and look for ways to protect and advance their infrastructure, new needs have arisen to help them foster growth in today’s digital environment. Enter ProArch, an Atlanta-based IT business working to help companies along their digital transformation.

Founded in 2007 to help companies get their cloud-based tech off the ground, ProArch has since grown to offer services across a range of tech. Encompassing specialists in cloud, infrastructure, data analytics, cybersecurity, compliance and software development, ProArch is furthering its goal of guiding companies achieve their visions with a $25 million growth round from MSouth Capital announced this week. 

“We focus on enabling our clients to achieve business outcomes that lead to innovation, financial growth and competitive advantage,” Santosh Kaveti, ProArch’s CEO, told Built In via email. “The depth and breadth of our practice areas allows us to modernize and secure all areas of a business. All our engagements are focused on achieving specific outcomes, no matter what technology is used.”

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Every company nowadays relies on IT and technology to fuel their daily operations, a trend that’s only been exacerbated by the pandemic, according to Kaveti. Amid increased demand for its services, ProArch is putting its new debt and equity financing toward fueling the growth of its business.

As it works toward achieving its goal of changing how modernization services are delivered, ProArch is investing in its service offerings. The company plans to automate these offerings to improve services, scale and offer better customer experiences. It wants to strengthen its existing delivery, sales and marketing resources and make new additions to its 350-person team. Additionally, ProArch is planning to further expand through acquisitions.   

“With the services we offer, there is substantial potential for growth,” Kaveti said. “Today, businesses are constantly innovating and modernizing their infrastructure. And they need to do it securely. Our combination of capabilities uniquely positions us to gain market share. Our goal is to be the partner of choice for clients.” 

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