At NAX Group, ‘Genius Misfits’ Don’t Break Molds — They Shatter Them

President Maher Masri shared how employees are encouraged to take the initiative, pursue their professional goals and make an impact.

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Sep. 29, 2023
At NAX Group, ‘Genius Misfits’ Don’t Break Molds — They Shatter Them
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When searching for new team members, NAX Group doesn’t just look for talent. 

“We seek out the ‘genius misfits’ of the world — those who don’t just break the mold, but shatter it,” said Maher Masri, president of NAX Group.

According to Masri, employees at NAX have ample opportunity to do that every day as they drive the AI software company’s efforts to quickly commercialize consumer and enterprise products. That’s why it’s essential for these individuals to prioritize developing their skills, so they can continually rise to meet the challenges that exist within the industry. 

A strong growth mindset forms the backbone of the professional development model at NAX, enabling team members to leverage cutting-edge technology and seek support from their peers and leaders. Masri added that employees often engage in projects pertaining to different business areas as a way to bolster their personal experience and support the business.

“This enriches skill sets and fuels better business and product development,” he said. 

 Since its inception, the company has sought to build a diverse, multidisciplinary team of individuals with a myriad of backgrounds and experiences. Masri believes it’s up to leaders, including himself, to ensure employees have space to knowledge-share broadly.

“By eliminating obstacles and paving the way for seamless workflows, we create a pathway for the diverse talents we’ve gathered, enabling them to unlock their full potential,” he said. 

With room to thrive, NAX’ “genius misfits” are empowered to cultivate creativity, accomplish exceptional work and amplify their impact on the world. Below, Masri shares more about the company’s leadership philosophy, growth-focused culture and future plans to fuel innovation. 



NAX’ AI-powered software platform is designed to unlock the potential within corporate data sets, enabling rapid product discovery and launch at scale. Masri noted that this technology supports the company’s commitment to environmental, social and governance principles, ensuring a “harmonious integration of economic progress and responsible corporate citizenship.” And while the organization has been successful in its efforts to unlock the value of corporate assets to fund ESG so far, the path to progress is far from over. “We’re excited to share NAX’ journey as we work together to unlock the full potential of AI and create a brighter, more sustainable future for all,” he said.


What is NAX Group’s leadership philosophy?

Maher Masri
President • NAX Group

At NAX, our vision for leadership revolves around fostering a culture of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. This ethos runs deep within our DNA. From day one, we understood the importance of building a diverse, multidisciplinary team with a broad spectrum of skills and experiences. This diversity is what allows us to not only develop groundbreaking businesses and products, but pioneer entirely new markets.

We’re able to do this because every facet of our work — every interaction, project and process — reflects the spirit of divergent thinking embodied by our multidisciplinary team. Our collective effort allows us to tap into hidden opportunities within corporate data, spark fresh avenues of growth and deliver shareholder value with unmatched speed and efficiency. As leaders, our primary duty is to foster an environment that not only nurtures collaboration, but empowers every team member to excel.


How do team members help build culture?

Company culture is more than just a theory at NAX. It’s the living embodiment of our mission and values, radiating through the unwavering dedication and behavior of our leaders and employees. This all starts with the brilliance of our talent. We actively seek out individuals who can rise to this challenge, uncovering opportunities where others might only see obstacles.

This culture of ‘genius misfits’ is our secret weapon, and we’re dedicated to nurturing their unique skills and abilities. Our team is encouraged to embrace discomfort, challenge assumptions and explore uncharted intellectual territories. This dynamic environment not only serves as fertile ground for creativity to thrive, but also fosters greater fulfillment within our teams, raises the caliber of our work and amplifies the positive impact we generate in the world. 

Our deliberate approach to reshaping people strategy and pioneering work methods becomes palpable the moment you step into our office. The people, the energy, the atmosphere of innovation —  these elements combined are what truly distinguishes us at NAX.


“The people, the energy, the atmosphere of innovation —  these elements combined are what truly distinguishes us at NAX.”


What opportunities do team members have to grow?

Our dedication to revolutionizing the way businesses create growth is directly reflected in the way we nurture individual potential. This starts with our unique ecosystem, which serves as a truly unparalleled entrepreneurial hub for fostering talent. In this dynamic environment, we leverage cutting-edge technology for business development and product commercialization, creating a powerful synergy that not only cultivates the personal growth of our employees on an individual level, but propels our entire team to a new level of excellence.

We strongly believe in providing our employees with the opportunity to stretch beyond their comfort zones. For example, a healthcare specialist might be tasked on an energy project, allowing them to leverage their expertise in a new domain. 

A culture of continuous feedback is central to our growth philosophy. Through regular one-on-one interactions between employees, managers, mentors and peers, we foster transparent communication that permeates every layer of our organization.



For Masri, the reason why job seekers should consider joining NAX is simple — access to unparalleled growth. He said the company offers employees various career pathways, giving them the option to take on new roles and responsibilities when desired. This professional autonomy, coupled with a focus on innovation, gives team members countless chances to evolve. “With diverse projects, cutting-edge technology and a culture of excellence, NAX stands as the ideal destination for those seeking a meaningful career with the opportunity to contribute to solving some of the world’s most significant challenges,” Masri said.


What does the future hold for NAX Group?

Looking ahead to the coming year, we’re gearing up for an exciting period of rapid growth in both our business and product offerings, marking an exciting chapter in our journey. One of our flagship initiatives is the continuous development of our AI-powered software platform, which is the cornerstone of our growth strategy.

What truly excites us, though, is the amazing talent we’re attracting to the team. We are fortunate to have a dynamic mix of individuals with diverse skills, knowledge and perspectives joining us, and they are already making substantial contributions. Together, we are driving toward our vision of disrupting corporate innovation and igniting positive change on a global scale.



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by NAX Group.

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