8 Underrated Features You Should Consider Adding to Your Mobile App

Members of Young Entrepreneur Council list the mobile app features they think should receive more attention.

Published on Jul. 26, 2022
8 Underrated Features You Should Consider Adding to Your Mobile App
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Not all mobile apps are created equal. The features you may include for a fitness app are likely going to be different from features you would incorporate for a shopping app. Several features work across the board, however, and the members of Young Entrepreneur Council find many of these are vastly underrated.

Below, they list eight of those features and detail why they believe these mobile app features should get a little more attention for business owners trying to improve their user experience and design.

Mobile App Features You Should Consider Adding to Your Product

  1. Desktop-like functionality.
  2. Push alerts.
  3. Opportunities for feedback.
  4. Offline functionality.
  5. In-app chat.
  6. Search boxes.
  7. Analytics.
  8. Personalization.

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1. Desktop-like Functionality

One app feature that I think is underrated is the ability to do everything you would on a desktop on your phone. I often see mobile apps that are limited in functionality, which just causes frustration for users. If your app doesn’t meet their needs, they’ll go to a competitor that does! — Diana GoodwinMarketBox


2. Push Alerts

Push alerts are an essential app feature that companies should consider adding to their marketing strategies. Mobile users are likely to click on these alerts, especially if they’re relevant to their interests. This feature can help you improve your retention rate and get more value from your app. — John TurnerSeedProd LLC


3. Opportunities for Feedback

User feedback is the lifeblood of any successful organization that is adaptable, resilient and responsive to customer needs. Making it easy for users to leave feedback in an application, particularly when the feedback is most fresh or is immediately experienced, helps the developers of the app to improve it and better address customer needs and pain points. — Akshar BonuThe Custom Movement


4. Offline Functionality

It may not seem like much, but internet service can fluctuate for app users. As a result, they may lose crucial information when using an app. An offline feature can undo a great number of headaches for users and increase retention. Have data backups ready to run when the user can connect to the internet again. — Duran InciOptimum7


5. In-App Chat

As more people want instant gratification, having g an easy-to-access chat function within the mobile app becomes a must. With this, any hesitations, questions or issues will be solved as soon as possible. Also, it’s easy to have a personal connection with the brand if the chat is easily accessible. You’re hitting two birds with one stone. — Daisy JingBanish


6. Search Boxes

According to me, a good search box is one of the most underrated mobile app features. Many apps don’t have it, but it’s important to help users find what they’re looking for. The search box facilitates that. — Josh KohlbachWholesale Suite


7. Analytics

One feature I think is underrated is app analytics. Mobile app analytics measure key aspects of an application’s performance and usage by drawing on events or user information to compile a data set. Analytics are used for conversion tracking and testing. With analytics tools, you can measure elements such as user retention, engagement and, most importantly, conversions. — Candice GeorgiadisDigital Day


8. Personalization

One often-overlooked mobile app feature is personalization. Your audience members all have unique goals, preferences and pain points. If you allow users to choose what content and offers they see when using your app, they are more likely to engage with your business. When you consider that 80 percent of people want more personalization from brands, this strategy makes perfect sense. — Chris ChristoffMonsterInsights

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