Computer Hardware Developer Micron Opens Atlanta Design Center

The new location in Midtown will create up to 500 tech jobs when it opens in 2022.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Dec. 06, 2021
Computer Hardware Developer Micron Opens Atlanta Design Center
Scott DeBoer, EVP of technology and products at Micron. | Photo: Micron

Tech solutions are constantly innovating and advancing to modernize the way people live and work. From IoT-connected machinery to cars that drive themselves, the possible applications for information tech are endless. As the global semiconductor market continues to grow alongside worldwide adoption of electronic devices, Boise-based manufacturer Micron is fueling its own growth. The company is opening a memory design center in Midtown Atlanta.

Micron builds memory and storage chips for computers. The company is investing in R&D and plans to use the new design center to further advance its work on memory design and engineering. Micron manufactures solutions for dynamic random-access memory (DRAM), with applications spanning industries from industrial to automotive, as well as NAND and NOR flash storage, with uses in mobile devices, data center storage and more.

“Atlanta is an emerging hub for high-tech innovation, and our Atlanta Design Center will serve as one of Micron’s key memory design and engineering locations,” Scott DeBoer, Micron’s EVP of technology and products, said in a statement. “Micron’s leadership in both DRAM and NAND technologies are fueling critical advances in artificial intelligence, 5G and autonomous vehicle experiences, creating exciting opportunities for top talent to join us as we develop and deliver our next generation of technology innovation.”

Micron plans to use its new location to the fullest and build long-lasting partnerships with local colleges and universities. With an eye on institutions like Emory University, Spelman College and University of Georgia, Micron has already established a relationship with Georgia Tech that provides students with research and engineering education opportunities. From partnering with the university’s Center for Engineering Education and Diversity to hosting a robot design challenge, Micron aims to promote growth in education and career opportunities for underrepresented students.

The global market for semiconductors saw a 29.2 percent year-over-year increase in sales, as found by the Semiconductor Industry Association. Memory and storage comprise about 30 percent of all semiconductors today, according to Micron. As this number continues to grow, the company is investing in R&D to keep up with growing demand for memory and storage solutions around the world. 

Micron currently operates offices in California, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas and Virginia, and its manufacturing and R&D network spans 17 countries. Its Atlanta design center will play a crucial role for the company as it furthers its work on DRAM memory solutions. Micron’s Atlanta Design Center expansion will create up to 500 jobs across various fields such as computer hardware and electrical and electronic engineering. 

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