20 Media Companies Making Atlanta the Epicenter of Entertainment

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Apr. 17, 2020
20 Media Companies Making Atlanta the Epicenter of Entertainment
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There’s a reason why Atlanta has become known as “The Hollywood of the South.” The city has served as the backdrop for some of the entertainment industry’s most successful films and TV series. Popular productions like “Stranger Things” and “The Walking Dead” have been shot throughout Georgia, bringing the state global acclaim while fueling its growing economy. In fact, according to U.S. News & World Report, film and TV production throughout Georgia accounts for more than 92,000 jobs across the state.

Atlanta’s importance within the media landscape can be traced back to the 1970s, when Ted Turner chose the city as the home of the media organization we know today as WarnerMedia. Turner’s media giant spawned the creation of networks and channels like CNN, TBS and HBO. In truth, Atlanta played a major role in the evolution of news and television on a national level, and this impact can still be seen today. From CNN to Blue Marble Media, there are countless media companies making waves in the video and audio production space. Here’s a look at 21 media companies turning Atlanta into the epicenter of entertainment.

Atlanta Media Companies To Know

  • CNN
  • Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
  • RiTE Media Group
  • Blue Marble Media
  • Carat
  • Carbon Film
  • LionStar Films


Cox Media Group media companies Atlanta
COx Media Group

Focus: Broadcasting + Publishing

What they do: Cox Media Group is an integrated broadcasting and publishing company. The company operates various broadcast television stations, daily newspapers, non-daily publications and radio stations across the country. Cox Media Group’s national brands include WSB-TV, WFTV9 and Gamut.


Cumulus Media media companies Atlanta
Cumulus Media

Focus: Broadcasting

What they do: Cumulus Media is a media company that provides local coverage as well as nationally syndicated sports, news and entertainment programming. Operating across 89 U.S. media markets, the company offers coverage of national brands and events such as the NFL, NCAA and Billboard Music Awards. Cumulus Media also operates national radio stations and develops original podcasts. 


CNN media companies Atlanta

Focus: Broadcasting 

What they do: When Cable News Network, also known as CNN, was established by media proprietor Ted Turner, it became the first television channel to provide 24-hour news coverage in the world, as well as the first all-news television channel in America. Headquartered in Atlanta, this media giant boasts viewership in over 210 countries and territories. While most of CNN’s broadcasting takes place at its NYC studio, the company’s Atlanta location is still used for weekend programming. 


RiTE Media Group media companies Atlanta
RiTE Media Group

Focus: Production

What they do: RiTE Media Group is a creative content company that specializes in the ideation and production of audio-visual concepts. The company creates original content by merging practical, in-camera filmmaking with the latest technologies, serving as a collaborative resource for brands, film studios and artists. RiTE assists clients with various aspects of production, from conceptualization to equipment acquisition.


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TYDEF Media media companies Atlanta
TYDEF Studios

Focus: Audio Production

What they do: TYDEF Studios is a voiceover and audiobook production company that specializes in a variety of audio-related services. Backed by a team of creative and tech professionals, the company provides a self-recording studio for narrators to create their own audiobooks. TYDEF works with various production partners including Tantor Audio, Random House Audio and Harper Audio. 


Audio Motion Music media companies Atlanta
Audio Motion Music

Focus: Audio Production

What they do: Audio Motion Music offers music supervision services as well as music and media licensing, music production and song selection. The company provides music supervision services for the production of feature films, documentaries, TV series, pilots and teaser reels. Audio Motion Music also assists with podcast and voiceover production. 


Story First Creative media companies Atlanta
Story First Creative

Focus: Video + Audio Production

What they do: Story First Creative Agency helps brands, causes and nonprofits share their stories through the use of compelling visuals and immersive experiences. The company offers a variety of services including video production, branding and design, VR game design, commercials, audio engineering, documentaries and 360 filmmaking. 


Blue Marble Media media companies Atlanta
BLue Marble Media

Focus: Video + Audio Production

What they do: Blue Marble Media focuses on the creative development of film, video and motion graphics presentations. Backed by a team of writers, designers and video production experts, the company specializes in various stages of production including script writing, storyboards, soundtracks, concepts for visualization and final edits. Their client base includes AT&T, CenturyLink, McKesson, Timberland and Georgia-Pacific. 


Gilbert Creative media companies Atlanta
Gilbert Creative

Focus: Video Production

What they do: Gilbert Creative is a video production company that works with clients from a wide range of industries. In addition to traditional media production, the company offers webcasting and on-demand hosting and graphic design. Their QuickCast Studio is ideal for webcast, television and learning program production, while their Full-Size Cyc Wall Studio is suitable for multi-camera webcasts and larger productions. 


Carat media companies Atlanta

Focus: Video Production

What they do: Carat is a global media company that works on producing content and developing strategies for organizations around the world. A part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, the company offers a variety of services such as consumer insight, branded content and product placement, mobile media, media buying and global media partnerships. Carat has worked with a wide range of global brands like Cadbury, Chevrolet, Macy’s and Bisto. 


Crisp Video Group media companies Atlanta
Crisp Video Group

Focus: Branded Video Production

What they do: Crisp Video Group creates brand videos specifically for law firms. The company is designed to confront the challenges associated with the ultra-competitive legal landscape by helping law firms grow their revenue by $1 million. In addition to developing legal videos, the company offers leadership and management coaching and workshop programs. 


Carbon Film media companies Atlanta
Carbon Film

Focus: Video Production

What they do: Boasting an in-house team of filmmakers and artists, Carbon Film specializes in video production, creative development and post-production. The company produces a variety of video content, from commercials to event videos. Carbon Film’s creative development services include script writing, concept development and shot-lists, while their post-production work entails maximizing clients’ video budgets by creating multiple videos from captured and supplied footage. 


StreamCut Media media companies Atlanta
StreamCut Media

Focus: Music Publishing + Management

What they do: Founded by entertainment law attorneys and music industry executives, StreamCut Media collects and administers digital royalties for musicians, producers, songwriters and record labels. The company is dedicated to defending its clients back catalogs against infringement, ensuring they get paid whenever their work is streamed, downloaded or performed. StreamCut Media distributes music to various digital music stores and streaming services such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. 


LionStar Films media companies Atlanta
LionStar Films

Focus: Video Production

What they do: LionStar Films is a video production company that produces stories for brands and agencies. The company creates videos for a diverse cross-section of brands and corporations, boasting a full-service team that creates 2D and 3D motion graphics, animation, projection mapping and interactive video. LionStar works with a diverse array of clients including AT&T, Aflac, Emory Healthcare and HBO. 


Dagger media companies Atlanta

Focus: Video Production + Strategic Content

What they do: Dagger is dedicated to helping brands navigate the modern world’s fast-moving, consumer-driven marketplace. The company specializes in modern video production, which includes short social segments and long-form videos. Dagger also offers campaign development, strategy, analytics and insights, and influencer marketing. 


Encyclomedia media companies Atlanta

Focus: Video Production

What they do: Encyclomedia is a video production house that serves clients from a wide range of industries. The company assists with every step of the production process such as script writing, drawing storyboards, casting characters, scouting locations and completing location and studio shoots. Encyclomedia’s client base includes Avon Products, GE Power Systems, Media Kitchen and Morehouse College. 


Floyd County Productions media companies Atlanta
Floyd County Productions

Focus: Video Animation Production

What they do: Founded by Adam Reed and Matt Thompson, Floyd County Productions is a full-service animation studio. The company has developed its own original animated content, such as the FX series “Archer,” and has worked on various other projects as well including “Legion,” “Atlanta” and “The Places Where We Lived.”


Primal Screen media companies Atlanta
Primal Screen

Focus: Video Production

What they do: Primal Screen develops branding work for television, film, environmental media and the web. The company specializes in children’s entertainment branding and curriculum-based content, working with clients related to film, broadcast, education and gaming. Primal Screen boasts in-house capabilities in motion graphics, animation, live action, audio, music composition and interactive development.


Atlanta North Studios media companies Atlanta
Atlanta North Studios

Focus: Video Production

What they do: Atlanta North Studios supplies video production facilities to the film and TV industry, as well as multinational corporations. With two fully-equipped sound stages, the company has hosted a variety of productions including reality TV series, children’s animation and faith-based productions. 


Heartland Media media companies Atlanta
Heartland Media

Focus: Broadcasting

What they do: Heartland Media owns television stations and digital assets across the U.S. Since its inception, the company has acquired various NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and CW affiliates including WKTV in Utica, New York, KHSL-TV in Chico, California, and WAAY-TV in Huntsville, Alabama.


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