Krista Software Pulled In $15M to Further Its Automation Solution

The funding will help the Dallas-based company grow its headcount by 50 percent in 2022.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Feb. 01, 2022
Krista Software Pulled In $15M to Further Its Automation Solution
John Michelsen, CEO of Krista Software. | Photo: Krista Software

Amid the world’s ongoing digital transformation, companies of all types have adopted multitudes of solutions to modernize their business operations. However, the more apps organizations employ, the more their workload increases. Looking to equip growing businesses with the power of intelligent automation, Krista Software raised $15 million to further its tech.

Krista is an AI-powered solution that enables companies to leverage their existing IT assets and SaaS apps in automated business workflows. The company’s fresh funding was led by Grotech Ventures and will help Krista build out its partnerships and continue its ongoing momentum of growth. Its goal is to help companies automate conversations between their systems and the employees that use them.

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“Knowledge workers are overwhelmed with too many steps and apps to do their jobs,” John Michelsen, Krista’s CEO, told Built In via email. “Users are forced to use too many screens and apps to find important information to serve customers. Therefore, both customers and users are frustrated with slow and overly manual processes. Krista removes unnecessary steps and apps by automating and optimizing a business outcome across people, apps and artificial intelligence.”

Its platform automates end-to-end processes with an approach that enables businesses to build new automations within minutes rather than over the span of months, according to the company. Due to the level of skill it takes to operationalize machine learning, companies often need to invest in costly IT or development resources to deliver automation capabilities. Krista negates the need for this with a no-code interface and built-in machine learning, providing an easy way for companies to use AI for decision support.

“Jobs have become too complex, so Krista will ease these burdens and automate processes across people and apps,” Michelsen said. “Krista will own the process and involve people as needed instead of the other way around. Imagine a system asking workers for input inside of a process instead of a worker driving the process.”

Striving to expand its solution’s reach, Krista is investing its new capital in growing its sales network, as well as expanding partnerships in strategic geographic regions and new vertical segments. It hopes to expand across industries including application delivery, cybersecurity, issue cognition and resolution and intelligent document understanding.

Having launched in 2021, the company plans to grow 3x larger in 2022, according to Michelsen. With plans to increase its headcount by 50 percent, Krista is investing part of its latest raise in building out its engineering team to fuel R&D to further its AI-powered platform.

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