Mobile Testing Startup Kobiton Pulled in $12M to Improve App Experiences

It's investing the fresh cash in product innovation and its go-to-market plans.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Sep. 15, 2021
Mobile Testing Startup Kobiton Pulled in $12M to Improve App Experiences
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Nowadays, pretty much everyone has a smartphone or any other small handheld device, and each one is chock-full of helpful little squares that suit our unique needs and interests. However, as we’re scrolling through our social media feeds or searching for the perfect new outfit, what we may not consider is just how much work goes into making sure each and every one of those apps run smoothly. For companies behind the scenes, making sure their mobile platforms work as they should is typically a time-consuming process. This is precisely what Atlanta-based Kobiton is looking to solve.

The startup specializes in mobile application testing and is able to test an organization’s app in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Kobiton’s platform provides a range of solutions, including codeless test automation, a real device testing cloud and tools for visual, functional and performance testing. On top of the platform’s current capabilities, the company is planning to fuel product innovation with its fresh $12 million funding round co-led by investors Panoramic Ventures and Fulcrum Equity Partners.

“Today, whenever code is ‘checked-in,’ test scripts have to be updated and new tests have to be created. This cycle of test maintenance and test script creation, compounded by testing across hundreds of devices, makes continuous mobile testing particularly challenging,” Kevin Lee, Kobiton’s CEO, told Built In via email. “At Kobiton, our mission is continuous testing within an hour and our product set will evolve to support this — starting at testing the actual UI/UX design to understanding what the high areas of risk are requiring more test cases to automating the test script creation and test script maintenance itself.”

Kobiton’s platform serves enterprise customers across a variety of industries, including retail, gaming, financial services, creative development and travel. The company has more than tripled its number of users since 2019 when it raised a seed funding round. Last year, the company recorded 1,200 percent overall growth compared to 2019, Lee said.

With the rest of the new funding, Kobiton plans to accelerate its go-to-market strategy as it continues to grow. It’s also looking to hire new additions to its 120-person team with a focus on engineering, sales and marketing.

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