10 Startups Putting Kansas City at the Heart of America's Tech Scene

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Nov. 18, 2020
10 Startups Putting Kansas City at the Heart of America's Tech Scene
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Tech metropolises like New York or Los Angeles may be enticing for entrepreneurs looking for their big break, but between the cost of living and competitive markets, big tech centers can wind up being unrealistic places for young startups to get a foothold. As a result, smaller cities across the United States are seeing influxes of tech-minded founders seeking more welcoming communities to launch their dream projects.

One of these locations is Kansas City, where the surge of startups has rocketed the city to the top of emerging tech market lists. Kansas City is one of the most popular small cities in the country among tech graduates, and the Missouri metro has seen such an explosion on job growth that it landed fifth place on CRBE's Tech Talent list. From developing new innovations in healthcare technology to charting the course for more sustainable energy consumption, Kansas City's many tech startups are paving the way for the city to become not only “The Heart of America,” but also the whole world. Take a look at these 10 Kansas City based startups that aim to shape the future of tech as we know it.

Kansas City Startups to Know

  • JPLoft
  • SARA Health
  • Pivvot
  • TruFactor
  • Epigraph
  • Lelex Prime
  • Stenovate
  • Dynamhex
JPLoft Kansas City Startups

Industry: IT

What they do: JPLoft is a web and mobile development company that offers IT-as-a-service solutions to companies in real estate, food service, education and a range of other industries. With over 500 projects under its belt, the company's team offers its clients app development, digital marketing, e-commerce integration, and other services designed to elevate their digital operations.

Headquarters: 200 Walnut St.

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SARA Health Kansas City Startups
SARA Health

Industry: Healthcare Technology

What they do: SARA Health offers a centralized software platform with which healthcare organizations can better track and manage patient outcomes. With options for both clinicians and patients, SARA Health's platform can be personalized to each user's health goals and current conditions, making it easier to track progress and tailor treatments to each person's needs.

Headquarters: 1828 Walnut St.


Pivvot Kansas City Startups

Industry: Energy

What they do: Pivvot is focused on developing and installing sustainable energy projects to help reduce national reliance on fossil fuels. The company leverages analytics science to provide its clients with location-specific data with which they can better make decisions about energy projects and navigate regulations.

Headquarters: 2301 McGee St.


TruFactor Kansas City Startups

Industry: AI

What they do: TruFactor connects data teams with artificial intelligence technology built to reduce the need for repetitive actions and optimize operational efficiency. Serving a broad variety of industries from retail to finance, TruFactor's team has worked on past projects like customer journey mapping, market analysis, urban planning and more.

Headquarters: 742 Evergreen Terrace


Epigraph Kansas City Startups

Industry: Software

What they do: Epigraph's team specialized in developing virtual reality, 3D imaging and augmented reality content with which companies can elevate their digital customer experiences. The company's immersive VR products provide its clients with the tools to boost engagement and leave sustained impacts on their customer bases.

Headquarters: 1701 McGee St.


Lelex Prime Kansas City Startups
Lelex Prime

Industry: AI

What they do: Lelex Prime leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to help brands of all sizes better understand their customers and craft meaningful campaigns to increase brand loyalty. Working with companies like Campbells and Kellogg's, Lelex Prime empowers companies to gain greater insight into customer behavior in order to model their experiences and initiatives more efficiently.

Headquarters: 1828 Walnut St.


Stenovate Kansas City Startups

Industry: Legal Tech

What they do: Stenovate develops a project management platform built for the legal industry, giving law firms more organizational control and clarity over their transcriptions and documents. Stenovate's technology makes it easier for legal professionals to search documents by type, helping organizations save both time and money.

Headquarters: 811 Grand Blvd.

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Dynamhex Kansas City Startups

Industry: Energy

What they do: Dynamhex seeks to meet the climate crisis head on with data science, providing corporations and government organizations with the tools to better monitor their energy consumption and redirect resources in more efficient ways. The company's technology gives its clients the ability to visually track their emissions and map their carbon footprints, making it easier to evaluate and set realistic goals for reducing climate impacts.

Headquarters: 1828 Walnut St.


TripleBlind Kansas City Startups

Industry: Cybersecurity

What they do: TripleBlind is a cybersecurity company that provides a simple API platform with which companies can better protect their data and assets. The company streamlines data transfer and utilizes smart technology to make decryption more secure, helping companies reduce their vulnerability to attacks and better anticipate risks.

Headquarters: 800 W. 47th St.


MailsClick Kansas City Startups

Industry: IT

What they do: MailsClick offers companies a suite of email migration, file conversion and data management tools to support companies in maximizing the usefulness of their digital assets. Its technologies are built for use on a variety of platforms such as MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and others, and the company has partnered with brands like Disney, Oracle and Dell to make email transfer simpler and more efficient.

Headquarters: Greater Kansas City

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