Iterable’s Role in Shaping the Future Marketing Landscape with AI

The AI-powered customer communication platform helps organizations like Redfin, Priceline, Calm and Box activate customers with joyful interactions around the world — and offers opportunities for talented tech professionals to thrive.

Written by Brigid Hogan
Published on Nov. 21, 2023
Iterable’s Role in Shaping the Future Marketing Landscape with AI
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Your phone pings with a personalized notification — a fresh pair of your favorite pair of jeans are on their way to your door, and did you happen to see the pair of sneakers that just went on sale and are right up your alley?

These “moments of joy” are embedded in the fabric of how Iterable helps brands create and deliver meaningful customer experiences in the digital world.

“In a noisy world, relevant, hyperpersonalized and dynamic communications make or break relationships with brands,” CMO Adriana Gil Miner said.


“In a noisy world, relevant, hyperpersonalized and dynamic communications make or break relationships with brands.”


As Iterable celebrates its tenth anniversary, the top-rated AI-powered customer communication  platform is continuing to grow and explore the possibilities offered by new technologies and fresh insights from the company’s global customer base

CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Boni has shepherded the business through a decade of growth — and doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

“Each day, I’m energized by the opportunity to work alongside a passionate and talented team,” he said. “The challenge of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our industry and the daily interactions with our dedicated employees keep me motivated.”

Boni has seen Iterable’s culture grow alongside the talented team, which bears fruit in their work each day. “We’ve placed a strong emphasis on fostering a collaborative, diverse and inclusive work environment, and this cultural shift has attracted top talent and encouraged creativity and innovation,” he said.


Jeff Samuels, COO of Iterable discusses "AI Beyond the Hype" with Andrew Boni and two Iterable customers — Ben Carter, Global Chief Customer and Marketing Officer of Carwow and Tamara Castelli, Chief Operating Officer at UNiDAYS at Activate Tour London.


Iterable’s product has mirrored this continuous development and innovation as well, according to Boni. From early beginnings as a marketing automation platform, Iterable expanded capabilities into becoming a comprehensive growth marketing platform that includes AI-driven personalization, cross-channel marketing and integrations for clients to pursue deeper customer engagement. With nearly 1,200 customers in 52 countries and new offices in Sydney, Boni’s team has been able to learn from a diverse set of clients and offer meaningful and tailored solutions as the platform grows.



In the words of CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Boni, “Iterable helps brands like Glassdoor, Volvo, Priceline and A+E Networks create AI-powered communications across channels like email, push, SMS and in-app. We are the best partner for brands to scale personalization with AI and connect with their customers.”


Over the last few years, one of Iterable’s most meaningful investments for both the company and clients has been in artificial intelligence and machine learning. As these capabilities continue to expand, more and more time will be freed for marketers to focus on meaningful and impactful work rather than the repetitive operational tasks of managing a campaign.

“These intelligent capabilities have given us a head start when it comes to infusing key AI features throughout our platform,” Boni said. “Over the next decade, my hope is that we continue to leverage the recent breakthroughs in AI and machine learning to better understand our customers in order to engage with them in even more meaningful and useful ways.”

Gil Miner agreed. “We don’t merely integrate AI — we infuse it into every facet of the product experience,” she said. “Unlike other solutions, it’s not just an add-on, thanks to our robust data engine that efficiently handles intricate, unstructured data at high speeds.”

For clients, Iterable’s integrated AI tools allow marketers to fine-tune customer experiences down to the individual level, while managing millions of interactions simultaneously.

“We are focused on building ‘glass box AI tools’ that are transparent and human-controlled, empowering marketers to gain profound insights into their customer base,” Gil Miner said.


Iterable's Vision for AI

“At Iterable, we approach AI with a distinct set of principles that shape our vision,” Boni and Gil Miner told Built In. These principles include:

  • Transparency: “The primary concern we hear from marketers regarding AI is the issue of trust. They question why AI makes the decisions it does and whether it has access to sufficient data. At Iterable, every AI feature we introduce is designed to be transparent, allowing marketers to understand the rationale behind its conclusions to foster trust and confidence in our AI-driven solutions.”
  • Customization: “With Iterable AI, we firmly believe in putting the practitioner in control. Our AI doesn’t take over; it empowers marketers. We provide a range of controls that enable marketers to customize AI to align with their specific needs. It operates within the parameters they define and can be configured to meet their unique requirements.”
  • Integration: “Iterable AI seamlessly integrates into everyday operations, offering automation and proactive insights at every step, from audience segmentation to delivery optimization — and soon even in campaign creation. Iterable AI is designed to be an integral part of the workflow, simplifying processes and enhancing efficiency, ultimately helping to build stronger connections with audiences and improve marketing strategies.”


Not only is Iterable growing as a company and platform — the work environment offers space for team members to grow their own careers as well.

“Tech talent at Iterable gets to work on projects that are at the forefront of marketing technology,” Boni said. “We encourage innovation and allow our team members the autonomy to make decisions and bring their ideas to life.”

In order to support that innovation and autonomy, Iterable offers new hires opportunities to learn and advance through mentorship programs, access to ongoing learning opportunities and a quarterly learning and development stipend. Beyond structural measures, Boni noted that Iterable’s supportive culture promotes connection with both peers and leaders to extend skills and exchange knowledge and ideas.

For Gil Miner, pairing this investment in growth with wellness initiatives like monthly balance days, a sabbatical program and generous time to recharge shows Iterable’s commitment to bringing out the best in every employee. Iterable employees also have the opportunity to choose whether to work in-office, virtually or hybrid.

“I firmly believe that this is an incredibly potent and distinctive benefit that Iterable provides, granting our employees unparalleled flexibility,” Gil Miner said. “We are committed to nurturing a dynamic hybrid work culture, carefully curating a blend of in-person and virtual experiences, ensuring the best of both worlds for our team.”

With a driven team, powerful tools and a clear-eyed, hopeful vision for the future, Iterable is prepared to build on years of success and create more joy-filled connections for brands and customers in the decades to come.



Want to succeed at Iterable? Here are a few characteristics that help new team members thrive, according to Boni and Gil Miner:

  • Passion for innovation
  • Problem-solving prowess
  • Adaptability
  • Collaborative mindset
  • Continuous learning
  • Customer-centric mindset
  • A commitment to Iterable’s core values — growth mindset, trust, humility, balance



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Iterable.

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