9 IT Companies in Calgary to Know

These IT companies help businesses secure their data through custom services and software.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Apr. 08, 2024
9 IT Companies in Calgary to Know
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Information technology, or IT, takes many forms but is essential to all businesses. Typically, IT refers to the use of computers, network security, workforce management and cloud operations, but the field can also encompass software and security companies as they often develop services and software to strengthen IT workflows. 

Calgary, one of Canada’s largest tech hubs, is a home base for many top IT companies, as many of the region’s other tech companies benefit from their services. Below are some of the top IT companies in Calgary, and many are hiring in the field.

Top IT Companies in Calgary to Know

  • Cloudflare
  • Cisco Meraki
  • PwC
  • F12
  • Bison & Bird
  • Avanti Software
  • TeckPath
  • Vertical Motion
  • Grant Thornton


Top IT Companies in Calgary

Cloudflare’s platform provides cloud services to improve digital security and streamline operations. It provides a wide range of products including its security service edge and security access service edge platform. Its SSE and SASE products provide enhanced security for employees and devices. Meanwhile, Cloudflare also delivers managed services to protect clients and their data. 

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Cisco Meraki develops IT software and hardware solutions. Its hardware includes telecommunication devices like enterprise internet modems and switches. Meanwhile, its digital products provide security for hybrid workforces and connected devices. 

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PwC has established itself as one of the Big Four in the accounting and consulting world; however, the company also provides IT adversary services to improve clients’ processes and ramp up security. The firm partners with Google Cloud to develop bespoke solutions for clients that help them improve their cyber threat detection and response.

PwC Is Hiring | View Open Roles

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F12 provides IT services to businesses throughout Canada. It aims to enhance productivity while reinforcing cybersecurity protocols. Some of its offerings and platforms include managed IT services, subscription IT and disaster recovery services, among others. 


Bison & Bird is a software company that operates differently than consultants. The company partners with businesses and provides tech, operations and business expertise and solutions. Since launching, Bison & Bird has worked with clients in the consumer goods, manufacturing and tourism sectors. 


Avanti develops bespoke workforce software trusted by many businesses, ranging from credit unions to nonprofits. Its software centers on human resources and processes payroll, PTO and remote onboarding, among other services. According to Avanti, its solutions are fully customizable and accommodate various pay structures. 


TeckPath is an IT provider offering managed services along with cloud and consulting solutions. Its business IT offerings help clients troubleshoot and diagnose complex problems and also provide 24/7 monitoring to defend against cyber threats.  

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Vertical Motion develops software for startups, B2B and B2C businesses. Apart from web and mobile development, the company also provides UX revampment services along with site maintenance. With AI becoming ever more prominent, Vertical Motion now offers artificial intelligence integration as one of its services. 


Grant Thorton, a tax and accounting firm based in Canada, ensures the protection of its clients from financial fraud by providing IT and cybersecurity as part of its services. Its security solutions defend against phishing, malware infections and employee malpractice.

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